How to use your mobile phone as a business tool

Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Aug 12

Having a virtual PBX for the company implies having numerous functionalities and advantages. Among them, we can highlight the possibility of obtaining a fixed line dedicated to your own professional activity, without any further need for installation or specialized hardware, with immediate activation and without any commitment of permanence. In other words, using your mobile phone as a business tool

With a virtual PBX, a businessman who simply has a personal mobile phone, can associate it in the simplest way to a real landline number, with any prefix, from any country in the world. The main advantage is that this type of numbering is always more professional and transmits greater confidence to customers than a mobile phone number. In the following, we analyze in more detail the advantages of using your mobile phone as a business tool.


Why use your personal mobile phone as a tool to receive business calls?


When somebody starts working as an entrepreneur or self-employed, it is always quite tempting to buy a second phone with a business calling package, which basically allows you to separate calls and messages related to private life from those related to your professional activity.

However, handling two mobile phones is more complicated than it seems and, in this article, we will see that, with the evolution of telecommunication technologies, this is no longer necessary. In fact, this type of organization of company communication has become quite obsolete. 

First of all, two mobile phones are twice as likely to be forgotten somewhere, twice as likely to be confused and mixed up, and moreover, the cost will be twice as high.

Gone are the days when having two or even three mobile phones gave an image of a busy and interesting person. Now, however, we are afraid to tell you that it rather gives the image of an entrepreneur who is not aware of new technologies.


But, how do you use a phone for personal and business calls at the same time?


Thanks to cloud telephony and Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX, it is now possible to generate professional and worldwide landline phone numbers and receive calls through an app on your personal mobile phone.

From the moment you download the app on your mobile phone and enter your username and password, it is possible to receive and make calls from the virtual PBX showing the company’s headline phone. Calls are automatically redirected from the PBX to the mobile phone app. The forwarding will also be carried out at no additional cost. 

What is the secret? The new WebRTC technology, with which all Fonvirtual’s services work. WebRTC technology is a Google development, which allows you to send voice, video and messaging data from any type of device connected to the Internet and without having to install anything, since the communication takes place through the browser, or in the case of the mobile phone, through a simple app.

At Fonvirtual, we wanted to incorporate this technology in order to improve the efficiency of your company’s communications. Implementing advanced telecommunications services is no longer only a possibility for large multinationals, but any type of company can access them. 

In addition, Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX includes all the features you could dream of. Every time a customer calls the company’s landline, he can listen to a welcome or after hours message, stand in a queue with music, etc., until he can be finally answered by the right worker through the mobile app or the computer’s browser itself.




Which are the benefits that Fonvirtual offers when you use your personal mobile phone to receive business calls?


The caller will never see your personal mobile phone number

With Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX solution, customers will call a landline and will not know from which device (mobile, computer or tablet) or where the call is being answered. Therefore, you can receive and make calls from your mobile device without any fear of them knowing your personal mobile number. Moreover, you will give the image of a professional company, your customers do not know, and will never know, that you are using a mobile phone to answer their calls!


You can distinguish the private calls you receive from the business ones

Even before you take the call, you can identify an incoming business call and differentiate it from a private call. This is because private calls will come in as an ordinary call on your mobile phone, while business calls will come in the app. This functionality is ideal for knowing how to answer or simply to choose between answering or not answering the call.


Direct access to the call log

If you have a smartphone, your call log will be immediately accessible through Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX application, while it will simultaneously synchronize with your computer panel if you connect to the PBX from it. This is extremely useful when managing 100% of your customers’ calls: noting, classifying, organizing…


Reduction of costs

Cost saving is another great advantage of receiving professional calls on your mobile phone. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is no longer necessary to subscribe a second telephone line with Internet, nor to buy equipment. Therefore, the cost savings are quite high.

Moreover, as it does not depend on specialized equipment, it is a service that will never become obsolete. In other words, there is no need to carry out any kind of maintenance, apart from updating the app if necessary.


In short, using your mobile phone as a business tool is advantageous for your company in many ways, as you have already seen. And it is possible thanks to Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX. Don’t doubt any longer and join the telecommunications revolution.


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