The emergence of the internet and technological improvements are creating the computerization of many processes and even lead to the disappearance of jobs. It is true that this computerization offers in many cases a saving of time and money to companies and clients (with technological tools like the contact center software), in addition to the great benefits that technological advances have brought in areas such as security and health, but the importance of human resources must not be forgotten.

That is why we want to highlight the importance of human treatment. Talking to people, being able to empathize with them and the simple act of greeting and thanking can create a much stronger customer-company relationship.

The best way to enhance this relationship is through the company’s customer service. Customers are tired of interacting with cold, silent and faceless machines and they will appreciate human contact when they have a problem.

It becomes a key resource to have a good customer service, that works in an orderly manner and without failures, and with a 100% employee treatment, which will give the client reliability and differentiated connection that will be more beneficial than any marketing strategy.

We recommend the mix of technology and humane treatment that a contact center software can offer. A call center software is a set of tools and services stored in the cloud that facilitates the management of incoming and outgoing calls from customers with the company. It makes possible for agents the call accessibility from any location thanks to the WebRTC server developed by Google.

Once you have acquired the contact center software with all the features it offers, you will only need your agents to offer the best treatment possible. For this, we are going to mention some communication keys.

  • Presentation
    At the beginning of the call, it is essential that the agents introduce themselves and the company. “Good morning, I’m Ana from Fonvirtual. How can I help you?” This call reception is very important because the more homely the client feels, the more comfortable the call will be.
  • Language and vocabulary
    It is very important that the agent be able to adapt to the client in terms of communication. Depending on the client you are dealing with, it will be appropriate a more technical or a more colloquial language.
  • Listen and understand
    Knowing how to listen to the customer’s demand is primordial to find the best solution. The clients will feel irritated if they spent some time explaining something and the agent simply was not focused on the conversation.


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  • Reliability
    People, who are not sure of what they are talking about and that are not clear, does not give any confidence to the client. That is why it is very important that the agents know what they are talking about and do not wander in the conversation.
  • Calm posture
    It is possible that the agent faces difficult situations, like dealing with irritated, impolite and nervous clients. Knowing how to take a calm stance in these situations is essential to reduce the level of aggressiveness or incomprehension of the interlocutor and maintain a more productive dialogue.
  • Know how to sell
    There are situations in which customers call to hire a product but end up hiring more than what they were looking for. It is ideal for the company. That is why the agent skills of selling products are very important to increase sales.
  • Attitude
    This last point encompasses all the others. The positive, patient, cheerful, committed and relaxed attitude is essential since this is what will create an emotional link with the client and will leave him delighted with the treatment received.

It is a fact that customer service is essential in companies and that a close and humane treatment is a strategy that creates engagement between the client and the company. So if you want to have a quality contact center software such as the one of Fonvirtual do not hesitate to contact and expand your information, we assure you an exceptional and pleasant treatment by our employees.

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