As a company, there are several reasons that can make you outsource your calls with an outsourced PBX: absence, meeting, unavailability, saturated lines, budget dedicated to business communication reduced … The PBX is an indispensable element for your company and it is in the hands of business leaders to choose responsibly this service. In this way, if you want to outsource your PBX service, for the reasons already mentioned, or for other reasons, then you are in the right place.

Fonvirtual offers you its outsourced virtual PBX service, with multiple advantages and elements that you will like. You will have a panel of opportunities and options, which will be useful when you outsource the call. You will notice, from day one, the difference in level that exists in call management thanks to this tool.


The outsourced PBX:


The forms of communication have evolved a lot over time. And it is clear that technology has caused telecommunications to evolve considerably.

The Internet opened doors to countless media that are now indispensable for communication and the exchange of information between people, at a time when information and data to be managed abound. The way of communicating today is totally different from that of a few years ago.

Telephony is the technology associated with the electronic transmission of voice, fax or other information between different parties using systems historically associated with a telephone, a hand-held device containing a loudspeaker and a microphone, or a transmitter and a receiver.

We can also talk about the technology of voice transmission over the Internet that consists of making use of this network and not the traditional telephone installation. This new telephony, called WebRTC, offers you different advantages to those of SIP telephony.


What is an outsourced PBX?


Very simple. It’s about entrusting the management of the calls your company receives to an external call center, without changing numbers and without the need for new installations.

The calls will be answered by external agents who are experts and capable of answering all questions.


outsourced PBX


The advantages of outsourcing your PBX


Maintaining a good image with respect to employees and customers is also an important purpose of the company. Our call center and PBX service is known for the professionalism, efficiency and experience offered by our team.

Among the main concerns of the company is the management of the relationship with customers. Companies have become increasingly aware of its importance and tend to value it by giving it more value and devoting more budget. Thus, to stand out among the others, it is important to take care of the changes that affect the environment, and one of the solutions is the outsourcing of this activity.

The option of outsourcing your PBX is a good choice for your company, in order to improve performance and increase profitability. Objectively, this service allows an alliance between the valorization of skills and the optimization of costs.

Business leaders want to increase the profitability of their companies and customers, for their part, want to have reception and answers to their questions. The call center software service makes it possible to respond to and manage all these demands.

If you want to be better than your competitors, it is important to offer a personalized service to your customers. Knowing your customers, giving them importance and value increases their confidence in the company. Today you can record customer data so that when we talk to them again and again, we know them better. These data are worth gold, because they help the communication between both people who are online.

At a time when competition is a key element that increases the quality of goods and services, and where the market is flooded by offers, the customer is, in many cases, confused about which product to choose. The piece that can make you stand out is the service you provide to your customers. Customers want to collaborate with the companies that offer them, as well as goods and services they like, a feeling of closeness and trust. Listening thus plays a key role. Fonvirtual offers you its call center solution with the new WebRTC technology.


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