The increasing tendency of online advertising has not changed since the beginning of 2017. There are constantly appearing new tools on the Internet, which help businesses to stay in touch with their customers. They are far more efficient than the traditional communication tools. In this article, we will take you through different types of online advertising campaigns and online marketing.  

advertising campaigns

  • Advertising with Google AdWords. Google is the most widely used search engine on both sides – by internet users and also by advertisers. The reasons are quite obvious: they try to get traffic to their websites in order to convert visitors into customers. The most effective way is using a short ad. It should have a title of maximum 25 characters, a visible URL address and a text of about 70 characters. In order to succeed with this kind of advertising, make sure to use keywords in your text. This paid Google service has to be used intelligently to make it really work.
  • Advertising with the Google Display Network. Businesses, which have conducted a market research and have clearly defined their target audience might find the use of Google Display Network helpful to reach out to their customers through Internet. In this case, the ad is made with pictures and you can publish this content on public websites which target the same audience as you.
  • Shopping campaigns. Advertising campaigns are great for eCommerce websites. You get a space on the search engine and so you will have an easier access to Internet users. The advertisement itself is a simple picture of your product with the price and the URL website.   
  • Video ad campaigns. The video is becoming a widely used advertisement tool and the Internet users appreciate it a lot. They evoke more interest than a text followed by a picture. Moreover, social media like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter support this format.
  • Retargeting/Remarketing. This the best technique for segmenting your online market. Your ads target only those users, who have already seen your offer. This tool offers a high conversion rate if it is well-managed. Otherwise its effect could be quite contrary and could lead to repercussions.
  • Social media advertising. This is a fundamental tool for any business which wants to be present on the Internet. Your target is to create a community, a group of users who are interested in your brand and your offers. You can publish content of any format, however make sure it always targets your audience.

These means of online communication will help you make your everyday life easier. Set your goals, plan your marketing strategy and use the above mentioned tools to start action and meet your goals. Don’t neglect your customer care service and get advice on virtual numbers and the benefits which they can offer to you, Fonvirtual will help you with anything you need. For example our weekly reports will help you analyze and improve your efficiency.