The call services offered today are quite different from those of previous years, as the technology has evolved in an astonishing way. This evolution can be observed in the call services, such as the inbound call center, since a few years ago the calls that were answered in the companies gave a deficient service, this could be due to the lack of resources or the bad management of this call service, in which the waiting queues were not distributed in a correct form, or there were too many costs in the service of international calls.

Companies have as their main objective that all these calls from their customers are answered at all times and from any place, as this is one of the key factors for the company.

This creates one of the most innovative systems for receiving calls. This is done through WebRTC, through which these calls are made online, this being one of the most innovative call systems of all inbound call center services.

This system works through the network, so it is very different from the other systems that have been found all these years. The big difference with physical PBX is the high installation cost they assume, which means that WebRTC systems do not need these installations, as they work online.   


Call reception from anywhere with inbound call center




All the companies that are created today are aware that the Internet is the key to be known globally, which is why this online call answering system has been created.

Companies from different sectors want to feel identified, in this case, the call center software system allows to manage the foreign numbers to be chosen by the company, to show customers the numbers of the requested locations. This gives the company’s customers a serious and good image, especially for questions, complaints, incidents, etc.; in addition, customers prefer to call numbers from their own country.

How does the company get this? Call center outsourcing; this means that the company outsources these call center software services to professionals so that they do not have to worry about how to manage these calls since their only function will be to attend to their clients.

The outbound call center has the same effect on foreign numbers, so you do not have any trouble answering the call.

For example, the call center in India: apart from its size as a country, the operator services in this country have a good quality and also works with the WebRTC system.


The elaboration of the reception of calls in the inbound call center

We will briefly explain how incoming calls will be distributed with the services we offer and you will see how this system works.

As soon as one of the company’s agents is not active to receive calls, the system will forward the call to the other employees of the company. In a second step, if there is no response from either user, the call will be forwarded to the voicemail which will be free of charge to the company’s customer. Customers do not feel comfortable with these kinds of extra costs from other companies.

In this first step of receiving calls, they will be sent to a waiting queue, in which an IVR system is used to manage customizable automatisms. The client himself will decide the language he wants to choose, or the country of origin, what we achieve is to offer him a personalized service.

Once the call is placed in the queue, the inbound call center has a call distribution system that connects the customer in question with the agent of the company most related to the query. This system is ACD.

The system makes this union in the following way; it gets all the information from the agents and defines their virtues more related to the questions asked by their clients; it is a quick and easy way to have all the clients satisfied.

In addition, these call answering services have several built-in features, such as recordings or statistics. It should be noted that these features are stored in the cloud, which means that you can access received calls at any time, which is why the call center software service is also called cloud call center.

All these services that we offer have at your disposal at all times a call center manager, this means that all these calls between agent and client can be supervised at all times and can perform functions such as joining a call between agent and client, “to whisper” additional information to the agent, or even intervene in the call. This is very practical so that the supervisor is aware of everything that happens, and monitors that the agents are working properly.

In conclusion, the inbound call center service is our star product of Fonvirtual, as companies look for these services to cover their main objectives. They will thus offer a serious and effective image to be able to welcome all possible customers at any time and from any country.


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