It is not very difficult to get quantitative feedback with respect to the management strategies that cover your inbound contact center. It is fairly straight forward to track items like call volume or the call length average, especially if you have the right software for your inbound contact center. However, the bigger question you need to be asking is if these numbers really tell you the actual story that you should be knowing?

When you are thinking of KPIs, it is very important to start with the end being very clear in your mind. Now, of course, answering those phone calls is merely a tactic that is going to help your call center software generating revenues, but that cannot be a goal in any sense of the word. If we try to put this in a different way, the goal of your inbound contact center is not just limited to answering a whole lot of phone calls, so then it may be so that the volume of calls is not really a good enough KPI to be tracked. The KPIs that you would want to be tracking should be pointing towards your eventual goals which all put together lead you towards your ultimate goal; which is to make more money when it comes to your business.

There are a ton of KPIs that you can choose to track, but you want to focus only on the ones that correlate closely to the success of your business. In this write up we will try to cover the top KPIs which experts believe correlate tightly to the growth in revenue, so you can make sure that you are only looking at the number that really matters.


Customer Service


In one of the most recent surveys conducted by Deloitte, they asked every inbound contact center manager about the changes they have observed in the industry in recent years. They were also asked how they are planning to change their business models as a result of these observed changes.

Almost all the managers reported that they will be intensifying their attention to customer experience and to customer satisfaction. They are even going to prioritize these set of metrics above revenue. When it comes to the subject of KPIs. Why is that? Well, it is very simple. The customers who tend to be happier with the experience of the brand will be more likely to engage in making purchases again along with also recommending the brand to their family and friends.

According to almost every inbound contact center manager that Deloitte had a chance to speak to, the C-level executives are nowadays more interested to see how the business decisions end up impacting the customer experience. Having some records of the history of customer satisfaction has to be the only way to be able to answer such questions satisfactorily. You can use customer surveys in order to collect and to present the customer feedback on the direction of measuring customer satisfaction.


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Churn Rate


As per the research done by Harvard School of Business, if you are able to increase the rate of your customer retention by just 5%, you have the potential to boost the profits by 25% to 95%. Also, a report from Gartner also shows that any increase in customer loyalty has a big effect on increasing profits, decreased costs of sales, and lends more credibility to your brand. On the other hand, in order to be able to reap the advantages of customer loyalty, you have to somehow reduce the rate of your churn.

Call Quality


Poor quality of the call ends up frustrating your customer and gives your company a bad reputation. No one likes to keep repeating themselves just because it is a fuzzy and spotty call connection. The most common problems that lead to degrading call quality are choppiness, echo and delay. As per some industry estimates, just having an understanding and working towards the optimization of the network infrastructure may improve the call quality by up to 90%. So, it may be a good thing to undertake the measurement of your platform being used by the call center software in order to prevent problems with your call quality. Usually, just a few network issues dissolved the reasons for most of the problems that lead to poor call quality. You want to make sure that your inbound contact center software is properly tracking latency and packet loss, amongst other things, to ensure good call quality.

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