Telephone calls are part of our daily lives as well as our working life. In these calls we exchange information of all kinds with other people. However, when it comes to an important call, information retention is an essential element, and the call transcription tool is perfect for these cases.

The business world and its daily routines can hardly exist without telephone calls. One cannot talk about the continuity and growth of a company without thinking about signing new contracts with clients or new collaborations. This is achieved thanks to the internal efforts of the company, as well as the external ones. It’s all about communication and sales management, as well as advertising.

The success of each entity is linked to the work done individually and collectively. The collaboration of all employees is important for the company’s success. Calls are the only way to create new connections, to transmit urgent information and to guarantee its correct reception. But they are also useful for exchanging information on all kinds of topics and for making important decisions within a company.

Many important contracts are awarded by a simple telephone appeal. Clearly this saves a lot of time, avoiding having to attend a meeting. Businesses can be managed remotely by talking on the phone. But this practice also has some drawbacks. It can be difficult to show someone why certain decisions have been made.

This is especially true when this “someone” is the shareholder, partner or potential client of the company. This is where our call transcription services can help. Carefully typed and printed call transcripts can be used to create a company memo.


How’s the call transcription?


Are you a small, medium or large company and are concerned that your external relations are effective? Do you want to increase your profitability and bring the best for your customers?

If this is what you want, you need a system that allows you to transcribe your phone calls. Also, if you’re concerned about your company’s reputation, requesting a transcription of a phone call is a necessity. Precisely Fonvirtual offers you the opportunity to use the transcription of high-performance telephone communications.

Through a telephone communication, the image of the company is reflected immediately and, in addition, it is a moment of privileged exchange and quality. However, given the diversity of the missions in the company and the amount of calls to be attended, it will be difficult to take note of all conversations and meet the expectations of each client.

Therefore, to treat customer calls with courtesy, order and competence, transcribing communications is the best solution. With Fonvirtual’s call transcription service, you will have the possibility of considerably increasing the productivity and attractiveness of your company.

Use voice recognition and you’ll get much more concentration, productivity, speed, convenience and cost savings that are key to professional success.




With call transcription you will save time


But why is it important? Every minute is important in today’s business world. Don’t waste your time and don’t overload your assistant by trying to transcribe calls internally. Focus on growing and marketing your business and any other activity that directly contributes to your success and profits. Trust us to transcribe phone calls into text for you.

Scrawling notes during meetings has been “the norm” for a long time. The need to record, transcribe and archive phone calls is important. However, this takes time and hinders the natural flow of conversation.

However, Fonvirtual’s WebRTC technology allows all information to be captured and transcribed quickly and without interruption.


For the sole reason of satisfying the customer


Customer satisfaction is essential to maintain revenue and efficient product development. When a company has poor communication methods with its customers, it does not have access to consumer feedback. The more a business owner understands and takes seriously the importance of effective communication with customers, the more likely he or she is to want to implement the company’s best policies or practices in communicating with customers.

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