In the era of full digitalization of all areas of our world, the immersion of sales processes online is becoming more and more significant. Online selling has not only become essential for digitally native businesses but also to complement the closing of sales in traditional businesses.

This has meant that in an environment with a much more intense evolution, in order to maintain the competitive level it is essential to be able to take advantage of the new technologies that appear and integrate them into sales techniques. Undoubtedly, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence has meant a disruption in these sales processes. The increase in competitiveness it provides is based on an improved customer experience, greater added value in the sales process, greater efficiency in closing sales and simplification of processes.

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence in conversational sales

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the way companies interact with their customers and sales channels. Instantaneous communications have reinforced conversational selling through tools such as AI-based virtual agents. Through real-time interactions, many aspects of the sales process can be automated without human intervention, resulting in a significant increase in conversion rates.

These virtual agents or chatbots, which can be closed systems ( without human participation) or open (where they do participate), allow immediate interactions that offer instantaneous and personalized responses.They also have the ability to process natural language, which allows the interaction to be coherent and of value.

On the other hand, besides being able to “replace” the human in the process of interaction with the customer, conversational AI allows obtaining data and information that clearly help to identify buyer behaviors, detect intentions, etc. With this improved information, it is possible to make adjustments to online sales techniques, resulting in higher sales closings.

In any case, online sales is not only based on optimizing processes to sell more products or services, but also aims to build deep and stable relationships with our customers. These conversational sales tools should aim not only to the sales process but also to the long-term relationship in which the customer can feel like acting with these systems.

Build trust to facilitate the purchase

One of the biggest obstacles that is still present in the online sales process is the fear of many buyers of being cheated during the closing of sales.

Even though a lot of progress has been made in this area and buyers tend to show greater confidence than years ago, doubts remain. Artificial Intelligence can also help to build trust in this area.

Within the sales process by phone, one of the most innovative applications that we can find is to manage telephone payments using Artificial Intelligence as an assistant in a virtual PBX. Instead of entering the card data on a website or giving the data to an agent (a process that violates the customer’s privacy data), this assistant verbally asks the customer for the payment data, collects the information without storing it and without sharing it with the agent (that is why we talk about PCI) and, finally, integrates with the virtual POS of the business to make the payment. Companies such as Fonvirtual currently offer it.

Having tools such as Internet sales techniques not only increases sales, but also increases the long-term value of our sales processes by using technology as a driving force.

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