The main need of any business is to sell. There are so many factors that influence sales that achieving increases in a short period of time is truly impossible. In this article we offer you some tips that will help you to increase sales. 

What can we do so that, with the conditions that our business has today, we can increase sales in our company?

The most basic formulas are to increase the number of visits we receive on our website. We could also improve the quality of the users who visit us. We could go further and optimise our sales funnel. In addition, better training of our sales team will provide us a higher return for each lead they manage. Improving the product we sell or the service we provide can also trigger a word-of-mouth effect among our customers.

However, all these strategies have one thing in common: they will only work in the long term. There are no quick fixes to increase sales in your enterprise. Or are there?

Increasing leads tomorrow…where we lose them today

One of the biggest lead generators is usually the web and also the channels we offer to make ourselves understood by our customers. Bad user experiences generate potential customers who, frustrated, leave us without buying from our website or even contacting us. 

Based on our own experiences as Internet users, how many times have we arrived at a website and, despite being interested in what we see, we have doubts? Some websites are blind alleys.

For example, making our lead fill in a contact form and then calling him/her whenever we want is convenient but clearly inefficient. The usual way is by phone, but does my client want to talk to a PBX? Does he want to expose his phone number so that I can call him in the future and sell him anything?

Conversational selling with UX Buttons, increase leads with the same traffic


Nowadays, technology allows us to interact with our leads in a way that is more adapted to their wishes, much more proactively than with a simple telephone, email or a form.

Instant messaging allows that, in real time, someone who is interested in our company and visits the web, can ask about your products and services. Can you imagine a shop where a customer wants to be interested in something and we hide from them? Or, on the contrary, we would say “fill in this paper and then we will look for you to solve your question”. This is what we do when we lead them to a form. The vast majority would probably leave our shop. 

Instant messaging via buttons not only allows you to talk to your lead via chat, but you can also fill your website with these buttons and facilitate communication from wherever you want. These buttons could be associated with products and will give information about the product your customer is looking at so that the best salesperson available can attend to them and know that the lead is looking at that fridge that sells so well in your physical shop but that generates so many doubts online due to the photos on the website. Your sales agents will be able to attend to them immediately, know that your customer wants that product and close the sale.

These buttons not only allow instant messaging, but also calls and video. Continuing with the example above, perhaps your customer wants to talk to an agent about the size of that fridge. Calling the PBX would be as efficient as asking the greengrocer at the market how much the hake is. Your specialised salesperson will be the one who receives these push button calls directly and will be the one to help your lead and convert the sale.

Even if your customer prefers to see the fridge from the comfort of their own home, they are just one click away from making a video and seeing your salesperson and asking them to show it to them. You will allow your customer to recreate the in-store shopping experience… from their sofa.

Adapting to the new ways of communicating with our customers will generate a better user experience and, consequently, we will be able to increase sales immediately.

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