Integrating Call Center CRM with your Virtual Switchboard


Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Jun 19

In the business environment, it is increasingly common to find the different information systems used within the organization integrated, such as integrating Call Center CRM with your Virtual Switchboard.

In order to explain how the elements of integration between Call Center services, CRM and virtual switchboard, it would be necessary to briefly explain what they are:

  • CRM is a tool that allows companies to manage their interactions with customers. Although the CRM concept can be extended to more, it is aimed at managing commercial relationships with customers and providing information about them. They usually include customer data as basic as contact people, email, telephone numbers or a history of customer interactions with the company.
  • What is a company’s Call Center? The Call Center of a company is a department made up of those people who carry the weight of external communication to the organization, communication with the client. This communication has traditionally been by telephone but, today, other channels have been opened such as email, web chat or WhatsApp. In addition, call center software is capable, thanks to intelligence artificial, to generate Conversation transcription, along with summaries, analytics, and call labels to help you get the most value out of those conversations.
  • The virtual switchboard, although it also allows external communication with clients, is designed to manage and encourage internal contact between members of the company. There is no intense communication with the outside, but rather it encourages communication by voice, messaging or even video with other members of the organization in the case of having a better virtual switchboard.

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 Advantages of CRM Call Center integration 

These three elements usually coexist integrated in any company due to the advantages and benefits it offers:

Improved efficiency in Call Center agents 

Having the CRM integrated allows any agent who receives an interaction from any client to find in real time all the information that appears about it. In this way, in a matter of seconds you will be able to access the information you need because the integration of both software allows it.

Greater customization 

In this sense, by having this information, the attention that call center agents can provide is much more personalized. They can know from the history you have with the company as well as personal evaluations that may exist about the client.


From preparing campaigns to call clients based on criteria established in the CRM to being able to send emails also based on segmentations, the integration between the two software allows a significant level of automation.

Reports and analysis 

In addition to the operational advantages it offers to the agent to improve their decision-making and offer a large amount of information in each interaction, having the call center integrated with the CRM allows obtaining metrics that combine the information from the two softwares. That is, it allows us to have information about what our agents do when they interact with our clients. In addition to allowing us to obtain quantitative information about when and how much they communicate, we can also obtain qualitative information about how they do it, especially with new AI solutions.

Flexible and scalable 

Something that both the software para call center as the CRM is its cloud architecture. Since they are software that works completely in the cloud, they allow scalability and flexibility as the size of the company itself requires it.

Is the switchboard integrated with the Call Center CRM? 

They are still ecosystems that can function in isolation, the great advantage is that they are also included within the system itself. In this way, company members can also access CRM data in real time if they eventually have to deal with a customer or, equally, if they need to be in connection with their Call Center colleagues.

Fonvirtual: Call Center, CRM and Virtual Switchboard together with Artificial Intelligence 

Fonvirtual offers a solution that allows you to integrate your Call Center software with the virtual switchboard and, in turn, integrate it with any CRM.

Along with all this, the possibility of offering AI within communications, enhances the amount of information that can be stored in the CRM itself (conversation summaries, labels…) which allows call center and virtual switchboard agents to multiply the effect they have when integrating both tools.

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