In today’s business world, having an effective CRM tool is very important to building and maintaining strong customer relationships. Zoho CRM is one of the most popular platforms available, and with the integration of Fonvirtual’s virtual switchboard, Zoho CRM users can manage their Zoho calls efficiently and professionally. In this article, we explain how to make and receive calls in Zoho CRM using the integration with Fonvirtual’s virtual switchboard.

Importance of integrating the virtual switchboard with the CRM

Connecting a virtual telephone switchboard with a CRM system like Zoho CRM can be very beneficial for companies, as it allows them to integrate telephone communications with customer relationship management.

A virtual switchboard allows companies to manage their communications professionally, with the use of functionalities such as schedule management, the options menu, waiting queues and mailboxes, with the possibility of changing the status of the extension to be able to make deliveries. efficient and the use of different virtual numbers. All this will translate into better service performance and greater customer satisfaction. Another of the keys of the virtual switchboard is its possibility of reporting through call statistics, recordings and transcriptions in real time.

The integration of this tool with a CRM system, where all the data of current and potential customers are collected, improves the attention of the company’s agents thanks to having all the information in one place and having a complete record of all the interactions that the customer has had with the company over time. Having customer information at your fingertips during the call allows you to provide better service and quickly resolve customer issues or questions.

In addition, the activity report through the recording and transcription of calls allows companies to control the quality of the service they provide and use this information to improve their processes and performance.

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Calls in Zoho with Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX

At Fonvirtual we offer a virtual switchboard solution based on webRTC technology that allows the use of its extensions on any device with an internet connection. Each extension will have a username and password and can be connected simultaneously in several devices, from which it will be possible to make and receive both internal and external calls, among other actions.

One of the main differences of Fonvirtual with the rest of the switchboard solutions is that in Fonvirtual, in addition to calls, other communication channels such as WhatsApp, web chat or any communication through web buttons can be managed. All this, supported by artificial intelligence solutions that automate repetitive tasks and leave a trace of any action that may be interesting to store; summary of the call, analysis of the level of satisfaction, translation in real time… With all this we are able to offer a complete omnichannel communications solution.

So that Zoho CRM users can benefit from all the added value offered by the Fonvirtual switchboard, there is the integration of the Fonvirtual virtual PBX with Zoho CRM. Telephony integration with Zoho allows users to make and receive any communication interaction directly from the Zoho CRM platform. Which means that agents can answer their customers’ calls or WhatsApp without having to leave the platform. This saves time and improves the efficiency of the customer service process. In addition, making and receiving WhatsApp and calls in Zoho allows you to automatically record the event history, which will leave a complete report of all incoming and outgoing interactions in each customer file.

Thanks to Fonvirtual’s AI, the information that will be sent to Zoho CRM will be exhaustive. Functions such as the summary of the conversation that will be generated automatically once the call is finished, will be reflected in Zoho together with the complete transcription, the result of the level of satisfaction of the call, the gender and language identification and the biometric fingerprint of the voice. This biometric voice print identifies the caller and allows the generation of personalized configurations and distributions.

Concluding, the integration of Fonvirtual’s virtual switchboard with Zoho CRM allows users to manage their interactions more efficiently, reduce response time and improve the quality of customer service. don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

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