The year 2023 will be remembered as the year in which Artificial Intelligence became known to the general public thanks to ChatGPT.

The appearance of this tool developed by OpenAI allowed anyone for free to interact with an AI that, in seconds, was capable of carrying out complexes that humans themselves would take hours to perform or provide answers to questions that integrate information from different sources of information. internet in a coherent, complete and creative way.

The common inertia when thinking about Artificial Intelligence and its possible applications is to imagine machines replacing humans. The operational efficiency that we assume in machines has its reverse in fears, such as the fear of losing a job or, even more so, that Artificial Intelligence will act outside of human control.

But is Artificial Intelligence already at that point?

Laborally speaking, one of the sectors that are still intensive in workers is telephone customer service. In this occupation, as a general rule, tasks with low added value and very repetitive take place that suggest that one of the first areas that Artificial Intelligence would take over would be the Call Center.

Call center software is beginning to include tools that make it possible to reduce the number of people on the phone, without reducing the volume of calls answered or reducing the quality of the service; even, in some cases, it is possible to increase operational efficiency. 

Call Center

What kind of AI tools are used in the Call Center?

Query Automation

One of the most common types of calls that can occur in a call center is a customer query about the conditions of a product or service, how an order is located or what is the time or deadline to do something.

These types of calls, which are repetitive, whose resolution by a human is, economically, tasting for the company that provides customer service, are the first that Artificial Intelligence has proceeded to automate.

Today it is possible to make a reservation to eat or for a medical consultation by making a call where the software para call center understands what the client is asking and schedules an appointment or reservation. This process is highly satisfactory for everyone; allows the client to use them at any time, quickly and without waiting and with the certainty that there are no failures. With respect to companies, it allows them to absorb a large number of requests without requiring personnel for it.

Another clear example is discovering the status of an order or, broadly speaking, consulting information that is in the company’s database and that can be consulted by an external person (client) with a phone call that translates the query, searches the information and provides it to the customer.

In general, Artificial Intelligence applied to a call center allows any query that is spoken to be interpreted by the system and can obtain a more or less predetermined response, so that the most repetitive tasks are replaced.

When it is not possible to resolve the query with the conversational AI, Artificial Intelligence can provide support to the human team thanks to certain tools that call center software can offer.

For example, today, there are systems that allow the automatic transcription of the conversation in real time and in multiple languages. That ultimately means that I can reply to someone in another language with only a small amount of time delay.

On the other hand, with the use of Artificial Intelligence you can generate summaries of previous conversations with that customer just as a new call comes in, conveying in a few sentences to the agent what has been discussed with that customer on previous calls. These AI-enabled call center software solutions offer, along with the summary, aspects such as caller sentiment analysis during the conversation or biometric voice print.

Artificial Intelligence is definitely here.

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