Communication in business is one of the most important aspects. Even though many companies develop their communication channels to satisfy their customers within the customer service or sales department, the internal part of the exchanges is too often neglected.  Having a good internal cohesion allows to strengthen the collaboration groups and to fluidify the transfer of information between people and sectors thanks to internal video conferencing, for example.


Extending your internal communication performance is therefore essential, but to do so, you need proper tools. The most advantageous would be to be able to combine internal and external communication on the same platform and fortunately this type of solution exists: the virtual PBX. Thanks to its web-based functioning, this tool allows to optimize internal communication in the Cloud, as well as the contact with customers, suppliers or prospects.


Throughout this article, we will present the two main features of internal communication in the cloud with a virtual PBX. Expanded with their advantages, we will discuss corporate chat and internal video conferencing.

Corporate chat integrated into the virtual PBX

Instant messaging alone has many benefits. In order to improve the internal communication of a company, chat is a powerful tool. Moreover, this instant messaging channel is directly incorporated into the virtual PBX. This allows you to send textual information while being attentive to incoming phone calls.

Some features

With a corporate chat, you benefit from features that will facilitate the management of the internal message flow. First of all, there is, of course, the possibility to chat with people belonging to the same company. A list containing all the collaborators can be permanently visualized from the virtual PBX area. This list is defined during the configuration of the virtual PBX.


From this space dedicated to internal communication, you can find discussion groups (or collaboration groups). This is a group messaging created by the PBX supervisor. In this collaboration group, all the employees included receive the messages sent and can send them in return. This is an advantage for collaborative work such as brainstorming where everyone can give an idea.


Another feature of instant messaging integrated with the PBX is the corporate distribution lists. These should not be confused with collaboration groups. With a corporate distribution list, a message is sent to a group of people, but when these people respond, the message sent is only visible to the person who sent the information. Group or list, they are practical features for the sectors of a company to quickly transmit a message.

The benefits of the corporate chat

The purpose of this kind of functionality is not to replace email, but instant messaging has the advantage of prioritizing information. For a request that requires special attention or a quick response, internal instant messaging will be more appropriate. Moreover, reducing the number of emails will allow you to refocus on the essentials and not sink under their quantity.


We have all become accustomed to using an instant messaging application on a daily basis. It is a means of communication that we are more familiar with. Getting an answer as soon as possible has become a normal thing. Thus, the use will be more intuitive for everyone and therefore it will be easier to reach collaborators or superiors.


Another advantage of this virtual PBX feature is the ease of sharing files such as documents, presentations, photos or audio. For example, let’s imagine that a manager has thought of a new prospecting strategy that he is going to present during the day or the next day, only he needs the sales department to quickly go through the summary to fully understand the objectives.


Finally, instant text messages make internal relations freer and more available. Indeed, contrary to emails, you don’t have to sign and send a formal message.

The video conferencing using WebRTC

Another tool incorporated into your company’s virtual PBX is video conferencing. It has been incredibly democratized because of the pandemic but will continue to influence the way we see teamwork. Internal video conferencing also has many advantages, whether it’s just audio (a phone call in short) or with audio and video, or the fact that we can show our interlocutors what is happening on our laptops thanks to screen sharing, it revolutionizes internal communication in the Cloud. Let’s take a look at the main advantages from 2 different aspects of business management.


Benefits in management of the internal video conferencing

With the changes in the way we perceive the “office”, we see the appearance of hybrid work models, that is to say that the presence of all the collaborators of the company is not required and some of them have the possibility to stay in remote work from where they want.


Thus, internal video conferencing seems to be a solution to keep in touch with colleagues thanks to the creation of a Cloud meeting room. The managerial advantage is the reduction of stress among employees because they can accomplish their objectives from anywhere while being connected to their department by the tool of internal communication in the Cloud.


Thanks to this feature of the virtual PBX, the company will have a much better communication between employees, which will generate a better cohesion, and will promote teamwork. All these advantages will result in an increase in productivity, as employees are much more productive if contact between them is facilitated and they feel better at work.

Other advantages of internal video conferencing

Internal video conferencing opens up possibilities for companies that would not be possible without this tool. It is now possible, thanks to remote working, to change your recruitment criteria and break the borders. Recruiting qualified people from all over the world to develop your business will no longer be a problem.


Indeed, travel is completely reduced, no need to spend a day in transport to get to the headquarters for a meeting. In addition to being more convenient, the company benefits from the cost of travel, accommodation, etc.. With internal video conferencing, meetings between employees can be held at the location that best suits each of them.


In conclusion, having a virtual PBX in your company is not only a powerful tool for external relations, but also for internal cohesion between employees and between departments. Internal communication in the Cloud has the added advantage of being able to adopt different working models from what was previously known, with the aim of increasing the efficiency and productivity of your employees. The most practical feature of the virtual PBX is the possibility of internal videoconferencing, which helps projects to run smoothly and strengthen the harmony of internal relations.


In Fonvirtual, we are virtual PBX providers and we are at your disposal to help you implement new working models while maintaining and even improving your internal communications. Do not hesitate to contact us, our agents will be glad to advise you to clarify your needs.

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