We can not ignore the benefits of international telephone calls and the services they provide. Imagine for a moment that you can only make calls within our country! International calls from UK open a new variety of possibilities

What has changed between yesterday and today?


The technology is mainly intended to simplify human life. It is at your service and it has proven its effectiveness. Among the born media of scientific and technological progress the telephone is found. The phone is still alive today. It is the main medium and the most used communication channel. It allows you to get in touch with anyone, wherever they are. It is enough to have one of the contact elements that allows to perform the operation.

For this reason, telephone reception should never be neglected, since it plays a crucial role for the company’s activity. Technological advances have allowed us to continue today to obtain progressive maturity towards new milestones.

In order to make a successful phone call, it is important to follow some basic rules so that potential customers, suppliers or other prospects will want to interact with the company repeatedly. And even more if we are talking about international calls from UK,  it is crucial to focus on such rules .


Business and technology, you need a mutual adaptation


There are many communication options as email, sending SMS… There are evidences that show that communication via phone may seem slow compared to other media, but it still has advantages in an increasingly impersonal world. A telephone call, which connects a caller with a human voice, creates a connection that can be misunderstood via other media, so it still remains as an important business element.

The phone call is a perfect customer service tool because it provides good human interaction by giving your company a very close and personal voice. The effect of the telephone call goes beyond what we can imagine at first. Customers are frustrated by not having the privilege of speaking with a representative of the company in question, and this has a negative impact on the relationship between the company and the client.

By having an effective telephone system to complement digital interactions, your business will have the opportunity to provide excellent customer service plus the ability to speak directly with a representative instead of waiting for a digital response.

Companies sell products around the world. Nowadays, companies are made up of intercultural people as commercial relationships develop in a context of globalization. Each country and each culture creates communication problems between customers and companies. The good use of communication in the company helps managing complex business relationships. However, poor communication can lead to commercial losses and even international tensions between countries. 


How do international calls work from UK?

Fonvirtual informs you that you can now make calls from UK to all destinations. It is a company focused on telecommunications and it offers top quality services, at the same time that is aware that the features of its products and services create a difference in the market.

Are you a big company, a new company or even an SME that has just landed in the market? We are here to give you the best of our services. With international calls from UK, you will have the opportunity to acquire new clients and boost your activity in a new international business environment.

In summary, Fonvirtual opens its doors and offers international services. International calls from UK you can make, connections you can create, or new clients all over the world that you can get… All this characteristics will enrich your business to transcend local markets and expand to new markets with new goals. In addition, with the new features and our continuous technologic updates, you will benefit from cheaper international calls than you can imagine, with functions that will provide information and statistics on the performance of your business, as well as the transcription of your conversation by written, among many others.


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