More and more companies are abandoning their traditional telephone services in favor of an international cloud PBX. Although it seems strange, many companies have seen a solution in the cloud. But what are the reasons that have led to this decision?




Freedom and flexibility are keywords for many companies today. But for a flexible approach to work, the right conditions must be met. This is where a cloud-based distribution panel can be useful.

Unlike traditional PBX technology, the international cloud PBX solution is not linked to a specific geographical location. The content is stored in the cloud instead of a physical server.

In practice, this makes it easier for employers to communicate with each other, regardless of time and place. The service also facilitates the interaction between different office locations.


Easy to use


Another advantage of the international cloud PBX is how easy it is to use. Traditional PBX phone systems require physical equipment such as desk phones. In addition, the management of traditional technology often requires special skills.

On the other hand, the virtual PBX does not require additional hardware and is designed so that companies can manage it on their own with just a couple of clicks.

Because the international cloud PBX is a digital product, it can also be customized for the company’s needs. Easy to use, in other words.


Unlimited access


If you choose a phone network model based on the international cloud PBX, buy a product that is constantly evolving, not one that you constantly need to replace. One of the main differences between the international cloud PBX and a traditional PBX phone system is that the international cloud PBX can be modified to fit your needs. Because of this, companies will always have the latest and best phone system.



international cloud PBX



What advantages does the international cloud PBX offer?

The main advantage of having your files stored in the cloud is that you can now access them from your cell phone, tablet or laptop. You also save money by not needing to purchase more devices such as desk phones for your office.

You have no limits on what you would like to store with the cloud. You will be able to access them and view your data in real-time, all through the cloud. You can also collaborate or view files at the same time as your coworkers.


How should it be used?

There are two ways to use cloud services. Through its application or program, which will allow you to upload files quickly and easily. Or, by accessing the website directly. You can upload files without needing to download any programs. All you need is a username and password to login.


Mobility and portability

The virtual PBX adapts to company relocation. You can work from anywhere in the world using the same phone number by connecting to the internet. You can make calls and view your files using a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Today, many companies today refuse to give up their traditional telephone systems. Now, we are beginning to witness the real benefits of switching to IP telephony. Specifically, cloud telephony services.


What happens if we have an international presence?

Many companies operate more than one website, often in more than one country. Contrary to what happens with classic telephone systems, cloud telephony has a system and cost for several locations. This implies saving money and time.

If you open a new location as your company grows, you can extend your phone system to that area. You can access the international cloud PBX from anywhere in the world.

Although many companies have benefited from cloud technology, some are not willing to make the change. They feel that whenever they change phone systems, they are taking a huge risk.

When transferring to cloud solutions, many companies discover that they have more control now than they did before. They can easily manage their entire system from a central control panel. This type of system has guarantees success and is a service that has yet to fail.


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