An international cloud telephone number can do more for a small fashion atelier international expansion than any marketing campaign and in a more economical and efficient way.


What is an international cloud telephone number and what is its role in the fashion world?


The international cloud telephone number offers the possibility to obtain or port another country’s phone number and diverting that number’s calls to a landline or cell phone number of your country.


This international phone number works as a regular phone and this is the reason why people who call or receive calls from this virtual number would never suspect that the call is being handled in another country or neither would notice it on its phone bill.


For fashion ateliers this service is particularly useful since it enables growing efficiently and with a higher profitability without having to make great investments. For fashion ateliers way of operating which consists in small workshops developing great creations, theinternational cloud telephone number services adjust perfectly to their needs.


The international cloud telephone number would boost your firm’s image into a global and professional company image through a virtual phone number Italy with the prefix from Milan, or other fashion capital cities like Paris, New York or London. The international phone number would boost your firm’s image to the same level of great pret-a porter firms.


It is a solution to win international clients without spending as much money as would cost having an office in all those cities in which the company wants to operate. Since fashion ateliers usually go to clients’ places of residence to take body measurements and fittings instead of clients going to the atelier, you could contact and win clients with the international cloud telephone number, go to their homes do the fitting and come back to the atelier in the country in which the firm is headquartered.

international cloud telephone number

In addition since the international phone number enables diverting calls to landline and cell phone numbers you could move around to do some cloth and fabrics shopping, going to warehouses, going to a client’s home, going to an event for ultimate touch-up, or to catwalks without missing any call from your clients abroad. Flexibility and mobility in customer call service and contact with international suppliers could be a great advantage in order to close deals.


The preservation of Ateliers’ differentiation features, such as quality, personal care, and uniqueness of designs are guaranteed at the same time as mass production advantages are incorporated. Some of these advantages are expansion and internalization and all of them are guaranteed and achieved thanks to the international virtual phone.


Allow yourself to be an entrepreneur and jumping in the internalization adventure so you fashion firm will be consolidated in the market and gain notoriety between great brands.


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