Becoming an international company is the ultimate goal of any organization. In the times of globalization, it makes sense to have an international fax. You should be able to access and send information to other countries.

To increase sales and generate more income, you may want to take your business to an international level. Leave geographical barriers behind when using a virtual fax. Use international numbers to lower your costs. Different packages for a virtual fax is available at lower costs. Sending and receiving fax becomes extremely cheap. All you need is the internet.


This modern version of the old fax consists of using an exclusive and personalized fax number. An old fax machine would require being connected to a phone line. With virtual fax, each fax sent to the client in an email. The document can be sent in any format, although a PDF format is strongly advised. They will be seen as an attachment without losing any legal validity of these.


How does virtual international fax work?


A virtual fax is mostly a business tool. However, it is also an international number that provides you with a high-level business strategy that transcends into overall business improvement. It generates its own benefits depending on the productivity of the company in question.


It is ironic that we seek to grow economically without wanting to grow technologically. Thanks to the many current technological advances we have today, life is much more practical and comfortable. This is the case in the area of communications where sending a fax without having a fax machine is now possible. It is also incredibly easy to use. Here are the basic instructions on sending a virtual international fax:


  1. Choose your best virtual fax provider to receive all the necessary advice on the subject.
  2. Keep your mobile phone or computer connected to the internet.
  3. Open your email.
  4. It is recommended to attach the document in PDF format. If the file is too large, compile or compress it.
  5. Insert the international fax number that you would like to send the information to the recipient section.
  6. Send and you’re done!





Benefits of a virtual fax


  • It’s a more direct communication solution.
  • Easy and simple procedure.
  • High degree of confidentiality.
  • None of the documents sent or received this way lose legal validity.
  • Effective communication: a message of acknowledgement of receipt arrives when seen by the receiver.
  • There are no geographical borders that can stop you.
  • More profitable, you won’t have to spend money on ink or paper.
  • No initial investment, no need to buy a fax machine.
  • Ecological, with no need to damage the environment by producing more physical waste.
  • Facilitate the handling of your international contacts.


Remember: when you use the virtual fax service with international numbering, sending a fax from your computer or your cellphone is as easy as sending an email. Now you can send and receive a fax from anywhere in the world inside or outside your office. All you need is an international number that will be assigned to you when you sign up for the service.


Say goodbye to old fax machines once and for all. Say hello to new cloud communication solutions that make your life easier and your business more prosperous. Our goal is to bring our customers the best business solutions possible.