Exporting is easy – if you know how to do it. If you want to keep growing and increase the sales, starting export activities is something that could help you (even more if you have an international number for companies). Here are some of the advantages of going international:

– Increase in sales

– Generating economies of scale in production

– Profitability growth

– Stronger brand image

– Strengthened competitiveness


These are some of the reasons why it is useful for a company to start exporting, which will also help you achieve growth and competitiveness in the international and globalized environment. However, not all companies can do it. Many small and medium-sized businesses decide to enter an international market and they fail to succeed due to poor preparation. To prepare means discover and learn about the company capacities and limits.   
The first step before starting exporting activities is to do an internal analysis for closer product examination and its saleability abroad. This is done through a market study. SWOT analysis will help you learn about your strengths and weaknesses. It will also give you information on the threats and competition in the entering market and will estimate the demand for your product or service.


You also have to keep in mind the foreign customer profile. Each country and culture is made up of different habits and living standards. Therefore it is crucial that you analyse the preferences and the consumer buying behaviour in the market you are planning to enter. Taking action beforehand is critical in order to find out whether your product or service will need modifications to be accepted in the new market.

It is also important to remember that exporting requires capital investment. A financial analysis will enable you to discover the financial resources needed to tackle the exportation costs and expenses.


A lot of this information is available for free since there are many organizations and associations which will help you find out this data. You can also search online on websites about export and international business. Do not forget about the laws and the regulations of each country. Customs, special registers etc…you have to learn about them before starting exportation activities.

If you have gone through all these processes and you think you are ready to export, you only need to start working, keep growing and increase your sales. For this, we recommend getting an international phone number. This way you can create your office anywhere in the World and then move it wherever you want to.


International number for companies

An international number for companies from Fonvirtual.com will help you offer your foreign customers a local phone number. This way all the calls coming to this international phone number will be diverted to any landline or mobile phones of your choice. For example, if you are a Finnish company that wants to export to Sweden you can get a virtual phone number Sweden and deal with your Swedish clients from any part of the world, and they will have no idea you are not in Sweden. Your business will project a local and therefore a more trustworthy image; moreover, your customers will save money on call costs. You will be able to use your international number as your caller ID so that your foreign customers see a local incoming call. In addition, you can configure your switchboard with any features in any language to provide a more efficient customer service and to obtain higher profits.
Having an international number for companies is almost an obligatory service if you want to be approached by both prospective and current customers. The truth is that not many people will try calling you if they see a foreign number – it is much easier to contact a local competitor instead.
All in all, we do not recommend taking unnecessary risks before you evaluate your business and the prospective market. It will save you many troubles.

You can choose any country from our list, such as a virtual phone number Canada, and if you cannot find the country you need, just contact us and we will do our best to provide you with the international number for companies you want.


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