Multiple social and political changes are happening in the U.S. Unemployment, protectionism and the economy’s recovery are the main concerns for Americans. In the past months, part of the U.S society has shown its concern about preserving American values and culture. Besides this sector of the population, some government members have shown as well their rejection towards certain countries and they have declared their intentions of establishing protectionism measures. Entrepreneurs and international traders whose businesses operate in the U.S are worried about how these measures could affect their businesses. A useful tool for this situation is an international number for operating in the US.

international number USA

What is an international number for operating?

An international number for operating is a telecom service which offers a virtual phone number from the country of your choice with the possibility of receiving calls that are made to that number in your Spanish phone number, for example.

This international phone number consists of a phone number formed with the country’s corresponding prefix whose calls are diverted to your cell or landline phone number.

Furthermore, it is possible to add to this international number for operating some virtual PBX functionalities such as voicemails, recorded messages or establishing time schedules for customer service. This is particularly useful in case you operate in countries with different time zones.


Benefits of an international number for operating in the U.S.

Because of new protectionist movements around the U.S, a virtual phone number USA would add value to your business. Thanks to the way the virtual numbers work, those Americans who call to your American virtual number would never suspect that the phone call is actually being handled from another country. They would think the company has offices in the U.S.A.

virtual phone number USA



U.S citizens’ trust in your company would increase, what would facilitate a rise in your sales and would facilitate negotiations with providers and other governmental organizations.

The international number for operating doesn’t work through the telephone network, instead, it works through the Internet thanks to the WebRTC technology, ensuring a better quality audio. 


How to get an international number for operating?


Getting an international phone number is quite simple, no matter if it is American or from another country. Just visiting website you would be able to sign for international phone numbers services, and they’ll give you a U.S local number or from the country of your choice. Furthermore, there is the option of porting an American phone number in case you already have it, avoiding this way the loss of the number.

The international number for operating allows you to divert free every call to your foreign phone numbers for a maximum number of two cell phones or two landline phone. This is a more economical option than continuously receiving international calls.

You can choose between the countries from our list, for example, a virtual phone number UK, or you can ask us for the possibility of hiring a number from any other country and we will do our best to provide you with it.

All these advantages are offered without contract limitations so you would be able to freely try and check if the international number for operating is suitable for your company.