Nowadays it’s getting more and more difficult to succeed in business because of the fierce competition in all sectors. Moreover, there are numerous (thriving) companies trying to overtake the market. In order to stand out and obtain a little piece of the market, you have to perform very well. On the other hand, businesses have also gained great versatility thanks to the Internet. And so if they offer quality products or services and they find original ways to promote them, they have more tools to address a higher number of potential customers. The Internet has been helping to open the gates of the international market and so today, the exporting process isn’t as complicated as some decades ago. Many startups have achieved growth by selling products and services outside of their homeland. Surely, the most important step to reach a foreign customer is through creating a website in their own mother tongue; however, the customers also need means to contact the company in case they need to clarify doubts and solve issues relating to your products or services. The best solution for this is getting an international number in the cloud.

An international phone number is a geographical number with a national telephone code from any country of your choice. At first glance it looks like an ordinary landline number; however, you don’t need any cables since it’s an international number in the cloud and it operates by diverting calls to other lines. Other than that, you can configure your cloud PBX with a variety of features. In this way, you can enjoy your international virtual number and divert your calls to the place you are located at and give your French customers a Parisian number or your Canadian customers an Ottawa number. Consequently, their calls will be forwarded to your number.

International virtual number


What are the benefits of having an international number in the cloud?

An international number in the cloud not only gives your customers an impression of proximity but also you get better flexibility when it comes to answering your calls.


  • Switchboard features: You can configure it with basic or more advanced features. For example you can add automated welcoming phrases or inform the caller about your working hours – in any language.
  • Receive and make calls wherever you are: Your international phone number makes it possible for you to answer your calls in any country, city, or building.
  • An international image: Your clients cannot find out your location…this way you can get a virtual number of any foreign country but still answer the calls from home. Projecting the image of an international company adds on your credibility.

These are a few advantages that you will get with an international number in the cloud. Have a look at our website to find out our phone number offer based on countries.