A bunch of companies have joined the international trading adventure. More and more national companies decide to expand their business outside their borders in search of new markets. This increase of international trade is due to the facilities the market offers towards internationalization. Some of these facilities are fewer customs or the possibility to reach anywhere in the world thanks to the internet with an international number.


Getting your commercial offer to be accepted and to be successful is not something easy. Because of this you will need your products or services to achieve a position among the other products in the market and gain consumers’ trust.


An international number is a virtual landline phone number from a foreign country, that as it’s name indicates is virtual. An international phone number is not associated to any wire in the wall but it is hosted in the cloud and works by diverting incoming calls to other lines from the home country. This way we could own a phone number from each country where the company operates and we could answer all those incoming calls in the headquarter or in other cell phone lines from the home country.


What advantages does an international number bring?


If we have a phone number from each country in which the company operates we would offer a phone number in which clients trust. Since it would be technically a national phone call so will be the cost of it. These advantages will be helpful when entering the market.

international phone number

  • It generates trust among clients: It is fundamental to offer your clients a phone number that they can call to in order to solve any question. If that phone number is national and has a known prefix will be easier for them to contact you and therefore close the deal. Although, if the only phone number they can call to is foreign it would stopped them from calling you and they will check other companies’ services out.
  • You could answer calls in your headquarter offices: It is possible that your company doesn’t have an office in every country it operates, but thanks to the international number you will be able to answer calls from almost every country and it has a call id to know from which country is the call coming from.
  • The service cost:  Spending tons of money in international calls is something clients don’t like at all., with a virtual phone number the company is offering an alternative so they can call paying the amount of a local call. We don’t like making our clients to pay overprice services so we offer our service in exchange of a fixed fee per month without any extra costs.
  • PBX settings: It is possible to add some PBX features to your international number, such as call branching, recorded messages in any language, call recording, call statistics, setting schedules…


As you can see an international number is exactly what you need if your company operates in more than one country.  Visit our website or send us an email to info@fonvirtual.com for more information.