What is “ made in”?


The words “made” and “in” represent important information of the product and of the brand, which can considerably influence in the consumer’s preferences. “ Made” refers to the origin of manufacturing the product. Oftenly this expression is related to legal certifications, the use of specific technologies or to patterns and ways of working. The “in” refers to the geographic origin, to the location of the manufacturing process and to the origin of the used ingredients.


The expression “Made in” provide tangible and intangible data about the product’s origin, generating rational and emotional associations to the product in the consumers.

 What is the impact on the public?

The perception about the brand and the service would be affected depending of the country’s reputation and the correlation between its products and its technology.

During  the 20th century consumers’ choices  have been specially guided by this factor. Nowadays the “Made In” doesn’t have as much importance to public opinion as it had before, but it’s necessary to ensure that this mention doesn’t negatively affect the company’s image.


Currently is crucial to be aware of the fact that consumers are now more than ever aware and concerned about products origins and ethics in their production.

Consumers expect products to be produced by professionals in a responsible way under the best circumstances.  


In order to make the decision of what country would be their “ Made in”, companies must take this factors into consideration:


→ The origin country boosts of customers decisions.


→ Consumers know which countries are best positioned in specific niche markets based on their past experiences.


→ The origin country has a bigger impact and visibility when it is positioned in several categories of products.


→ Unknown brands do not affect countries strengths.


→ Well known brands add positive value to the countries where they are from.


How an international virtual numbering can help the “Made in”?


Generally, the fact of having a “Made in” label is not enough to convince customers. From a global perspective it is very important to have a number from the country which appears in the label.


In nowadays society, in which globalization is highly developed, it is increasingly common to find out companies which exports their production just to take advantage of its country image or cheaper labor force. Although, these companies do not always have offices in the country where they are exporting, or neither local phone contact numbers.


This situation can be problematic in case consumers have to communicate to the company for any reason. Companies must be present in the country of its “Made in” mention in order to inspire trust to their customers. Due to this, a virtual presence could be a possible solution.


Fonvirtual offers a virtual presence to companies through the international phone number. Customers would call local phone numbers thinking the company is headquartered in their country but it is not, the call would be received in another country. You can choose your number from any country on our list, such as virtual phone number Bulgaria, or ask us for any other country you want. 

Another very interesting option is to be able to make calls from that exact international phone number, giving this way an image of the unity of the company.

The international virtual numbering entails an alternative to pricey foreign phone lines, maintaining a professional proximity image. For more information https://www.fonvirtual.com/en/


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