Companies that Need an International Virtual PBX

Smith, Emma

Publish: Tuesday, Jul 16

The importance of information among employees of a company

Whether it is a family business, a private business or a global company, communication is key. For everything to be done efficiently and quickly, everyone must know what their job tasks are, when to do them, where, and why. Only through an effective communication system will everyone be informed of what their tasks are and how to achieve them. Because some offices require people to work individually, possibly in different countries, and in cubicles, we must find a tool that will let staff keep in touch, no matter where they are located or what the task is at hand. This is why an international virtual PBX is key.


international virtual PBX


Companies that need an international virtual PBX

By definition, a company is any group of people who collaborate together in order to achieve a business goal. For this collaboration to work, it must have good communication between all of the members. Companies that would benefit from an international virtual PBX includes:

1) General Business Enterprises

Depending on the type of product purchased, people may have questions about the product. Because of this, it is entirely normal for customers to want to contact the company directly to ask questions. By using an international virtual PBX, customers from all over the world will be able to make direct calls with no additional costs.

2) Health centers 

Diseases and illnesses can occur at any given moment. You will also never know when someone needs an ambulance for themselves or for a wounded person laying beside them. Thanks to an international virtual PBX in hospitals and health clinics, it is possible to be evacuated urgently to a hospital and receive the necessary medical attention.

3) Travel Agencies

Before you decide on a place to visit and what dishes to try, you must have all of your paperwork in check. This means your passport, plane ticket, Visa, or more. To make this process quick, you can call a travel agency that uses an international virtual PBX. You can make your call from anywhere in the world with no extra international fees, and you will be directed to the best travel agent based on your needs.

4) Banking Institutions 

People sleep much easier when they know that their money is safe in the bank. In just a few minutes, you can get all of the necessary information you need from any part of the world by making a quick phone call to the bank. This is assuming that they use an international virtual PBX. You can then check all of your accounts with ease and not have to worry about international calling fees added to your phone call.

5) Internet Service Providers

Today, thanks to new technology, physical distance is no longer an issue. Wherever you are located, you can connect with the thousands of people on the other side of the globe in an instant. All this is possible thanks to the internet. As long as you are connected on the internet, you remain accessible to all of your friends, family, and acquaintances. If you are able to make quick connections from any part of the world, it is thanks to your internet services that allow you to use an international virtual PBX.

6) E-commerce 

This era is greatly marked by technology and the digitization of data. This has allowed for the creation of

countless virtual companies and e-commerce sites. When you mention e-commerce, you are talking virtual access to your business. As a result, the importance of customer service in e-commerce also comes into play. To make your customer service better, you should invest in an international virtual PBX so customers may contact you from anywhere in the world.

7) Police Stations

One of the biggest determinators of a stable country is based on its police force. There will always be criminals in every city in the world. An international virtual PBX will allow you to call the police station from a toll-free number. Now you can  warn the police whenever you see suspicious criminal activity.

Fonvirtual offers many features thanks to its virtual PBX telephony system.  Don’t hesitate to contact us at Fonvirtual for more information about our services.

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