Click to Call is a button that you can add to your website.  It allows users to make internet callings directly to your company’s customer service agents online. Because of this, their physical phone is not required to call customer service. They may also call from any part of the world with no additional fees. Different versions of the Click to Call button include Click to Speak, Click to Talk, or Click to Text. They are each a type of digital communication where a person clicks on a button or text in order to connect with another person in real-time. Communication can occur via phone call, SMS or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Click to Call buttons are also known as “internet calling.” This internet calling can also be initiated by clicking on their hyperlinks added over certain emails and videos.


One-Click Solution


By just one click, customers can connect to customer service from any part of the world, instantly, and free of cost. Businesses can set up WebRTC (Real-Time Communication) with different Greetings. They can also use call queuing for callers on hold, caller statistics, and more. By customizing your WebRTC, you can even give priorities to certain callers. With internet calling, businesses can easily expand on how quickly and smoothly their clients are assisted.


No Additional Software


Click to Call technology does not require any software to be downloaded. Only the standard plugins (Flash) is required. Customers and business owners alike are relieved when they see that Click to Call does not require downloading any software. By not needing to download or install anything, you can make a call without the risk of downloading any malware. 

Direct Response


Click to Call allows customers to get in touch with the company directly after reading what is on the website. That way, companies are getting a direct response from their clients.


How Click to Call Works


As the most basic form of internet calling, Click to Call technology works by having the user enter their phone number on the website. The website then makes a call to their phone number, as well as the customer service number. When the user answers their phone, the customer service agent will pick up the phone on the other end and the conversation begins. 


Inbounds Calls

By clicking on Click to Call, this does not mean a third party is called. It’s actually a request for a phone call. Many businesses use this technology to enable customers to call a sales representative immediately. Typically, a client using Click to-Call has just read the website and has an intense interest in the organization’s contributions and would like a quick response. Click to Call arrangements are intended give potential prospects an immediate response from a representative. They typically give businesses a higher Return of Investment (ROI) since they are helped before they can change their mind.

Outbound Calls


Click to Call can also be used to help inside sales representatives make outbound calls. It can also help sales representatives when using CRM tools such as Salesforce make calls to clients. This can allow representatives to call without setting aside the effort to entirely dial a new lead. Inside sales representatives can contact more prospective clients in a single day.

The Mobile Adoption


Fonvirtual currently offers Click to Call to other organizations. It can be used anywhere in the world thanks to the internet. According to eConsultancy, 40% of users have utilized internet calling at some point when browsing through websites. They state that over half of users find internet calling options helpful. A large number of businesses now use Click to Call to dial and call other businesses from their cell phones. This leads to a massive impact on how many numbers of inbound calls organizations are accepting. BIA/Kelsey has predicted that inbound calls will dramatically increase within following two years thanks to this feature. eConsultancy states that users would be frustrated if Click to Call did not exist. Users are becoming more reliable on this feature every day.



Click to Call internet calling opens a new door for easy communication between clients and businesses. In fact, such convenient internet calling features can serve as a positive branding method for businesses, since it saves customers a significant amount of time. There’s also new features such as has being able to call back, which ensures that you will not lose your valuable customer to another company.

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