In the digital age, it is essential to use technology to communicate in order to make yourself known, sell your products and services, develop your image, and maintain relationships with your customers and suppliers. Internet calls exist thanks to these technologies.

Even if the products and services you offer to your clients are of impeccable quality, you will not be able to sell them if you do not have the necessary communication tools to maintain relationships with your customers.


Therefore, it is essential to adopt means of communication such as internet calls to allow your business to grow.

Discover the benefits of internet calls


With internet calls, you can say goodbye to installations required by traditional IP phones.


Internet calls use an open-code software, which means it can be used without an IP phone, without installations or investments. It is accessible from any type of device connected to the internet (computer, cell phone, or tablet).


Forget your IP landlines, which are synonymous with complex and expensive installations. Access your phone network directly on your computer or from the mobile application by simply entering your login information.


Your IP line follows you wherever you go. The fact is, you don’t need any specific installation or equipment that allows you to make internet calls from anywhere in the world. There are no restrictions, simply by being connected to the internet.


Any device with an internet connection can be used for your internet calls, as an extension of your IP standard or as an agent in your Call Center Software.




What do I need to make my phone line work?


To make internet calls from your phone line, all you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet!


Indeed, with a simple internet connection, you can access your communication interface easily.


If you are calling from your computer, remember to use headphones and a microphone.  The headphones will allow you to hear clearly while the microphone will allow you to be heard perfectly. You can also use a USB telephone device to receive and make calls.


If you are calling from a smartphone, headphones and a microphone are not necessary. You can speak into your phone the same way you would for a traditional call.

The WebRTC internet calls


Developed by Google, WebRTC is an open-code software that allows you to make and receive calls on a web browser or mobile application in HD quality. There is no need to download any software, the virtual phone system is available from a simple interface on the internet.


Forget the traditional problems of VoIP telephony: call costs, static sounds or communication delays.


Any 4G or Wifi connection will allow your different devices to benefit from WebRTC in HD quality.

At Fonvirtual, we use internet calls to improve your service.


You may subscribe to a new virtual number, or port a number that you already have, free of charge. It will then start working with WebRTC. You can then use your number on 3 different types of devices: your computer, your smartphone or your tablet. It is a number like any other, that you can use wherever you go.


You will benefit from an unlimited incoming calling plan and will be able to make international calls at no additional cost. Internationalize your company today!

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