Customer service has always been an important section of every business. However, at this time, it has become essential. Currently, because of the importance that the online environment has achieved in the business world, having a really good customer service can make a difference when it comes to making the decision of contracting with your company or with a rival company. Internet phone calls have made available to companies the possibility to reach a huge audience without the need of having physical stores for selling their products and services.

Taking advantage of the online marketing tools and adopting an effective marketing strategy, you will be able to reach a large number of customers with no need that they make contact directly with you. However, it is essential to provide forms of contact to your clients in case they want to connect with your business, either by mail, fax, phone or e-mail. Phone calls are the most efficient way to reach your customers since you can get in a conversation with the client and it will be easier to convince him/her of the suitability of your product or service.

internet phone calls

Internet phone calls

Internet phone calls are one of the cutting-edge forms of contact, combining traditional switchboards with the latest updates and Internet protocols, which allow you to place phone calls from your computer and laptop, without needing to have a landline phone or cell phone.

This new technology that allows you to place calls via the Internet is called WebRTC.

WebRTC (Web real-time communications) is a new protocol that has been generated by big companies like Google, who ensure an excellent call quality by being able to modulate the caller and recipient´s voice depending on the network coverage you have in the place where you use it. This new service has revolutionized the communication system of thousands of business that has seen how they have been able to get rid of desktop devices and they no longer need to contract a phone line for each of their salesmen. IP phone calls are the future of telecommunication and there are already many companies that have switched to this new type of technology.

Other of the big progress made by the Internet calls is the click to call. This service consists of a call button that is added to your website. The customers who visit your website can contact you for free simply by pressing the call button and indicating the phone number where they want to receive the call of your business,  that can be a landline or a mobile line. This simple tool allows you to increase the number of customers that make contact with your business and it is especially popular among e-Commerce.

The world of telecommunications is in continuous progress, so you have to know how to adapt to these changes in order to continue getting new customers and being able to differentiate your business from the competition in such an important aspect as this one.