Internet telephony works thanks to the new WebRTC technology. This is the evolution of VOIP telephony, developed by Google which offers HD sound quality without cuts in calls and accessible from anywhere. Fonvirtual is one of the few companies to offer this innovative technology.

There are some differences between VOIP telephony and its evolution, the WebRTC. Let´s analyze each of them.


VoIP telephony


This technology is based on Voice over Internet Protocol. The voice is digitized and sent like any other data. It allows communication between two computers over an Internet network or a private network.

VoiP Internet telephony offers many advantages to companies, such as the flexibility that this system allows, being able to receive calls with diversion to mobile or landline.

The savings in the telecommunications bill was already noticed with the arrival of this technology.


The WebRTC technology


WebRTC Internet telephony is real Internet telephony. The only requirement for its operation is the Internet connection, no physical lines or purchase of desktop IP phones are required.

It works on any browser, with Internet connection in 4G or wifi. It does not need hardware or software investments: simplicity and accessibility are the main advantages of this technology.

You can access calls from anywhere in the world and from any connected device. While VoIP offered us flexibility, WebRTC offers us total ubiquity.

In addition, it guarantees a very high voice quality and above all allows you to receive and make calls wherever you are in the easiest way possible. As described above, no matter which device you use, you only need an Internet connection to manage all calls.


internet telephony


Internet telephony at


When you choose Fonvirtual’s Internet telephony, you’ll enjoy the latest WebRTC technology, as well as customer service attentive to all your needs.

This new technology allows you to avoid the installation of any expensive equipment that quickly becomes obsolete. So the WebRTC protocol is native to most browsers. The implementation of virtual PBX services or call center software that work under WebRTC is easy and fast, and especially without additional costs.

With Fonvirtual, you will be able to access business communications with Internet telephony from anywhere and at any time, without SIP lines or protocol restrictions.

You can also connect through different devices: mobile, tablet, computer or smart TV. The services will work as long as you have an internet connection via 4G or wifi and a device to connect to their services.

You’ll enjoy HD sound quality: no cuts, no noise, no echoes. WebRTC technology brings a real advantage at this level, because regardless of the variations in connection quality, it will adapt perfectly to give you the best voice quality. The dynamics of this protocol completely eliminates the risk of network instability.

In addition, at Fonvirtual we carry your number or give you a new virtual number of the province you request. From this number you will be able to receive and make calls at a variable rate or with a voucher of outgoing calls that we will offer you, totally adapted to the needs of each company.

With Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX or call center software you have many other features, such as voice messages, different locutions depending on opening hours and days, a voice mailbox, call recording, queue management with music background, call transfer…

Ensuring the best management of the company’s telephone calls is that easy. If you would like more information and a budget tailored to your company’s needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. The Fonvirtual team will find the best solution for your company.

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