In spite of the clear expansion of many new communications mediums, such as the Internet,
messaging apps or videoconferences. Companies’ most used tool still is the telephone.
The proximity that customers perceive from phone contacting usually is the best factor for
closing a deal. It is a faster way compared to other communication channels.

In general e-commerces or just companies which have quite popular websites ignore
bunches of visitors without noticing. Complementary information, details about the price, a
personalized service or just a call are ways visitors’ demands could be answered. Usually
potential customers are afraid of calling businesses phone numbers. For those cases the IP
click to call is the best solution.

vwebsites visits into loyal clients

What is the IP click to call?

Click to call is an integrated button in a website which allows customers and potential
customers to receive free calls from the company with a simple click. Once they asked for
the callback, both are immediately put in contact: the web visitors and the contact phone
number of the company. This tool allows solving immediately any doubt the website visitors
might have when they are browsing on the website. It is proved that the incorporation of the
click to call service to a website entails an increment in sales of 35%.

Who is this for the IP click to call and why?

There are many companies which survive because of their clients purchases through
their website: Travel agencies, international trade companies, e-commerces and many
others. IP click to call is a revolutionary support tool for increasing online sales.Thanks to it,
companies’ profits would approximately increase in a 30%. The trust of the company’s
website visitors would increase as well.

The advantages of the IP click to call are:

→ Reduction of the bounce ratio
Thanks to the IP click to call clients would be directly in contact with businesses and would be
able to get answers for their questions in real time. Companies could give additional
information to their clients and even closing the deal at the time of the call.

→ Innovation
The presence of the IP click to call button on the website is usually associated with innovation
and capability of adjustment to technological evolutions.

→ Proximity to clients
The IP click to call allows having closer relationships with people who enter the website.

→ Interlocutor’s satisfaction
Only with a click the website’s visitor would receive a call from the company getting directly
the desired information. In addition of system’s reactivity, another benefit is that the
interlocutor doesn’t incur in any additional cost.

→ Preventing competition
The person who enters in the website would be less tempted to visit competitors’ websites if
using the click to call button all your questions would be answered so it gets to attract the
person, who would stop browsing.

→ Costs

IP click to call for a very low fee per month, you would have the possibility of increasing your sales and
profits, improving your relationship with customers thanks to