The amount of work embassies and consulates have to handle have increased considerably in the past decade. This is due to the increase of people circulation in a global environment. The IP cloud PBX helps to manage better the amount of work in embassies.

cloud PBX embassies and consulates

What is an IP cloud PBX?


An IP cloud PBX or a cloud PBX is a service which offers a number or porting it in case you already have it, and incorporating features to it on the cloud at the same time it diverts calls to cell and landline phone numbers.

There is a great variety of features which could be incorporated to the IP cloud PBX, such as welcome recorded messages, call recorder, call queuing, call branching and many others. These features can be easily configured through internet and they would be rapidly incorporated to the cloud PBX.

Furthermore the IP cloud PBX could be configured for an international number what entails different languages features and managing calls depending on the origin country.

The option of international configuration is what makes cloud PBX a particularly useful tool for embassies and consulates.

international cloud PBX

what are embassies and consulates in charge of?

An embassy is a government representant towards another country’s government. They are usually situated in capitals of countries in which they operate. Apart from this, a consulate is a representation of a country’s  public administration in a foreign country and they are usually located in big cities.

It can be said that the main task of embassies and consulates is to practice as a contact means. Therefore they often receive many calls either from residents in the foreign country, from the national government or from foreign governments.

Another activity that embassies perform are providing information about legal, medical and education services of the country and about what are the procedures and cost of translating cadavers plus information of local companies in this field.

Furthermore embassies can also receive calls in case of arrest, in order to provide assistance or notifying the family about the suspect’s arrest in case he or she asks for it. In these cases the IP cloud PBX is the best tool for international calling.


consulate and embassy cloud PBX


Finally embassies must face urgent situations such as certifying emergency travel documents in case you lose passport or it was stolen, besides assistance in emergencies and catastrophe situations. The fact that the IP cloud PBX allows diverting calls to cell phones is crucial for these type of situations since it offers flexibility to get outside the embassy building and going to places where disasters have happened at the same time embassy services are completely available at the phone.

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