One of the most important rules in the entrepreneurial world is the one about renovating or dying. Even the most consolidated company or the most promising product could disappear if they don’t evolve at the same time that the company’s environment does. At this moment in which communications and internet lead the times of evolution. The IP telephony provides the necessary tools to lead the change. Despite changes can be overwhelming, getting a IP number is very simple.

IP number

Until now, we have associated IP to addresses, but the moment to associate it to phone numbers have come. First it was the telegraph, later dialing dial telephones, current landline phones and finally cell phones,next step is going to be the IP phone. The essential hasn’t changed, receiving and making calls to phone numbers, but in this case it  would be to an IP number.

 What makes the IP number different?

The IP number is an ordinary phone number, with its correspondent prefix and the usual number of digits. What makes it different is the way this number is used. It is not associated to a traditional landline phone device but to any device that is connected to internet. You can use your computer or tablet as an ordinary phone.

Internet is the medium this “virtual phone” uses to function, what entails an important money saving, since it is a cheaper option compared to traditional phone networks.

The fact that is a number completely the same as a regular phone number, allows other to call you as usual following the same procedure as always of picking up the phone and calling without noticing any difference between calling or receiving calls from an IP number or a regular one.

What advantages does it have to my company?

An IP number is particularly useful to a company, more that to an individual.

Due to these factors:

  • A great number of people: it is a very economical and practical option for group of people since it doesn’t need the installation of new devices neither phone lines in each stand.


  • Makes multitasking possible: Nowadays we are connected to internet in the office as well as outside of it. Having an IP phone gives you the possibility of taking care of the call from your computer while you can do any other task on it, incrementing efficiency this way.


  • Favors growth : In case your company would grew there would be no need of hiring new phone lines or devices, since this service only needs internet.


  • Recording calls: thanks to your IP phone recording calls is possible in order to obtain useful information for your company.


  • No geographic barriers: Internet connects the world, therefore making and receiving calls from anywhere in the world  is possible with your IP phone only with a WIFI connection.

These and further reasons make IP telephony a viable option for your company, despite its size or structure in order to provide any service or product in the best way.


Are you scared of losing your main phone contact number?


It is normal to fear losing your main phone contact number which everyone recognize your company for, since it already forms part of the company’s identity. The good news are that IP telephony allows you to keep it. Your main phone contact number is ported when the change of server is done, and it becomes an IP number.

It doesn’t entail any risk of losing clients or relationships with providers. Only the owner of that number would know about the portability of the number, ensuring this way the usual functioning with the outside of the company, but experiencing internal improvements in the company.

As named before, getting an IP number is quite simple. In we would provide you one easiy and fast. Check our service on our website

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