According to Robert Cooper, emotional intelligence “is the ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions as a source of human energy, information, connection, and influence.”  It is obvious that this requires a good tool to manage the customer service for businesses, such as the IP PBX service.

Nowadays, to get a job, more than just academic results, technological tools like the IP PBX service, and experience of the worker will be taken into account in the selection process. In an unpredictable and constantly changing environment with a fairly high competitiveness, the importance of skills derived from emotional intelligence are getting more power.

Among this type of competences, we can highlight some of them:

  • The adaptation and versatility facing possible problems or obstacles. Finding people able to face different situations and not block, will be essential, taking into account that today changes are constant, and we must be able to “get out of the path marked”.
  • The ability to work under pressure. There are situations in which the work pressure increase, for example, after holidays. People able to manage this work without involving personal problems or stress points, will be vital not only for the achievement of work but to help their colleagues to be calmer at this time.
  • Being a communicative person who knows to listen, because is important knowing how to express your thoughts and also being able to listen to others.
  • A person who knows how to control their impulses and who has a motivating and positive attitude, will create a better work environment and will be effective to act in stress situations. The motivation of the worker is key to its effectiveness, will be more involved in their tasks and will also be an attitude that will spread to their peers.

These are among others the qualities that recruiters usually look for in their work team. In fact, some companies are deciding to plan the emotions required for the worker in each position. For example while leading with customer complaints and problems, characteristics like self-management of their emotions will be required as they will have to lead with difficult situations, so they must be prepared to self-control.

IP PBX service

It has been shown that companies that have people working with a IP PBX service with these characteristics work much better than other companies, which end with a bigger human rotation. Some advantages that emotional intelligence brings to the company are:

Increase in productivity.

Employees with emotional intelligence tend to be more focused on their work and are really successful in team working. Motivated people end up giving better results and this will increase the productivity of the company.

Less conflicts.

The interpersonal relationships within the company improve, because there is higher quality in the communication and a welfare environment between workers. This causes a substantial reduction or even elimination of possible problems that may exist between them.

Better customer support.

In customer service it is essential to have people with these characteristics as they will be able to give a better treatment to the client through a personalized attention in which they listened to the problems and they are solved with greater complicity and efficiency. This act of complicity will be gratified with an increase in satisfied customers and their consequent success in results.

High worker satisfaction.

People, that work in an optimal working environment and who are motivated to reach their goals, will strive for keeping in long term their position, in which they are comfortable. This will make them more productive and they would be more involved in the company.

As you can see, all advantages are related between them and some of them are consequence of others. But we want to talk you more about the advantages of adopting emotional intelligence in the customer service.

People that work in customer support like with an IP PBX service are the ones in charged of making the most satisfactory experience possible to the customer. So they must create emotional link with them construct thanks to the confidence and commitment.

For this, the implementation of emotional intelligence will make a significant difference and will be an advantage over competitors.

Employees must be able to manage clients emotions as well as their own ones. The implementation of empathy is the key, through listening and deep interest in solving the problems that your clients may face, you will create a emotional link and you are going to be able to change your client spirit and satisfaction degree.

But is important to know that you can’t get very involved and keep a certain distance in what happens. You should not take to heart the critics and laments of your client. Having that separation line clear, will be vital for the success of your attention.

Most of the customer service is made telematically, which tools such as virtual PBX and call center software, so the sensations that customers will perceive will only be through communication. That’s why they look for communicative people who are able to adapt to clients.

Finally, we want to mention, that emotional intelligence can be worked. It is true that there are people that have those characteristics before working in the company because of their personality or other possible facts but is important to know that they can be built and developed inside the company through actions and plans.

What about you, What do you think? Is emotional intelligence a key for business success when ussing an IP PBX service?

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