How an IP PBX system can help you internacionalize

Smith, Emma

Publish: Tuesday, Nov 27

Many companies decide to expand their business to other countries. Some of them because they have problems with the national sales and use internationalization as a survival measure, and others just because they want to grow by increasing their presence abroad. Be that as it may an IP PBX system will help you internacionalize your company.

Nowadays, this globalization period, with few commercial barriers, extraordinary communication facilities and fairly low-cost of transport, make possible a big amount of business expansion opportunities. But due to those opportunities there is an increase of competitors, which can be located in any part of the world. This makes that taking part in foreign markets by means of IP PBX system, with different clients and political, economical and financial risks, represents a big challenge for the company.

That’s why when you make the decision of internationalize your business, you need to have clear ideas and plan in detail how you are going to make it possible. We’ve made a list of the most common mistakes that enterprises used to bear while they decide to expand their business to foreign countries.

Lack of a plan

Having a plan is essential in practically all the areas of action of a company, to know how we have to act and which obstacles we can find in the way of reaching our goal. While internationalizing, that is a strategic decision, and that in most cases does not offer short-term results, the plan will take a leading role. Analysing target markets and input methods, as well as the company capabilities and advantages are points that can’t be missed.

Do not have into account the differences of foreign countries

Usually, when we go to foreign markets we face many changes. Cultural and political differences, between others, can lead to problems in the business if they aren’t taken into account before acting.

Forget the Internet importance

In international markets the company website is going to be the business card of the same. That’s why it is really important to take care of it so that it is attractive and coherent in relation to the image and perception that we want to give to our potential clients. The page must be available in the native languages of the countries in which we are going to act or in English at least.

Do not take care of the customer service

Customer service must follow the same internationalization path than the company. It is essential the adaptation of every area of the enterprise to the new customers. Adapting the customer service is important for giving your clients a satisfactory shopping experience and building trust in the company. It will be very helpful to have specialized agents who speak the necessary languages and who know how to give advice and deal with customers effectively. And to manage the service properly and professionally, it is important to have tools such as an IP PBX system, which has a wide variety of functionalities and which will give your company a professional image.


Choosing the wrong agents and distributors.

It will be very helpful if you count with agents and distributors from the country of destination. They will give you a closer view of the country with data about their uses and costumes, the market prices and many other interesting facts. But is important also to continue with the company essence. Finding someone that fits satisfactorily with the company and in its position, will be important to ensure a lasting relationship and will help you to be the most effective that you can.

Bad election of the entry market methods.

You can choose between many strategies for internationalize your business. Among them we find the direct and indirect export, and the joint-venture for example. Depending on your business needs and your action plan there may be one strategy that gives you more advantages than the other and that is more suited to what you want. So it will be very important to study the advantages and disadvantages derived from the strategies to choose the correct entry method.

Been impatient.

Internationalization is a slow and gradual process that also is liable to multiple risks. It is a process that requires the patience of the company because normally you aren’t going to find quick results and this can lead to frustration. But as every big project it need time so be patient and you will find the results for sure.

Those are some issues that you should take into account if you want to expand your business to other countries. The help that some tools such as the IP virtual PBX system that we mentioned before, or the use of an international phone number between other options of communications, that can help you to attract and retain clients.

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