Any businessman who has used an IP phone line has found it to be extremely beneficial. The IP phone line allows you to communicate with several different features and functions. You can make changes to your configurations without any additional costs or maintenance.

An IP phone line is a fixed telephone number whose communications travel through IP Voice telephony. IP voice comes from Voice over Internet Protocol. This technology transforms voice into data packets and sends them over the internet.

IP phone lines serve as one of the best communication solutions in the corporate world. Not only is it innovative, it is also incredibly reliable.

Fonvirtual’s IP Line

At Fonvirtual, we work with the latest in IP telephony: the WebRTC. WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is an open source protocol developed by Google that has revolutionized the entire telecommunications sector. This new technology allows the transmission of data, voice and video through the internet using any web browser.

Why choose an IP phone line with WebRTC technology?

There are many advantages offered by an IP phone line that works with WebRTC. This includes the following:

  • Greater communication stability. Instead of relying on phone signals or other faulty connectivity problems, this system relies on the internet. The stronger your internet connection, the stronger your communication stability.
  • HD quality. Forget the noises or cuts in the background associated with most IP phone lines. With WebRTC, your IP phone line will have HD sound quality.
  • Ubiquity. You will be able to make and receive calls from any device connected to the internet, with totally ubiquitous WebRTC extensions for computers, cell phones and tablets.
  • Professional image. By showing your customers that you are able to speak with them from any location in the world, you show that you care. The more available you are, the better customer service. Better customer service, the better your company image.

How does it work?

Very simple. In Fonvirtual we can give you as many new numbers of the province you want or the country you want. We can also port the numbers you already have.

With these numbers you can receive calls on your mobile device or computer from anywhere in the world.

The registration procedure is very simple, we only have to assign as many extensions as you want to that IP phone line. If you need other specific configurations, just request them.


ip phone line


How can this work?

There are two types of IP phone lines:

Basic IP phone lines

The basic IP phone line only allows associating an extension to the company’s main fixed line. These lines can be received on any connected device and have the following basic features: voicemail, call recording and statistics.

IP phone lines associated to the virtual PBX phone system

The IP phone lines connected to the switchboard allows associating an indefinite number of extensions that can make and receive calls from as many fixed numbers as the company has.

The virtual PBX has the following features: custom main greetings, options menu, waiting queues, voice mailboxes, call recording, call identification, timesheets, and more.

Without a doubt, an IP phone line is the perfect solution to offer an efficient service to clients, as well as to give a professional and quality company image.

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