The telecommunications industry is always on a continuous advance. The possibilities that companies have related to improving their call service are huge and they are increasing more and more. Enterprises must adjust themselves to these changes in order to keep being efficient and having contact mediums that are profitable. Since the virtual and IP phone systems were launched, companies have found a way to replace their old and obsolete analogue PBXs and with it, they get great flexibility. The virtual mobile number and an IP phone number allow companies to receive their calls in multiples devices so they add value to the call service.


What is an IP phone number?


An IP phone number is a phone number that works through a network or IP protocol and which transports voice over internet. This enables receiving and calling using VoIP devices that work through the internet or directly from the browser.


What advantages do I get with an IP phone number?

An IP phone number brings lots of advantages to companies that use them, it will boost the flexibility of the agents, the service provided will be much more efficient thanks to the calls management, the price will be smaller…

ip phone number

  • Flexibility for agents: The old analogue PBX made agents stay in their job stands since surely they had a landline phone device in the table that they could not move. Since the IP phone systems appeared devices became much more mobile and agents had more mobility and flexibility. 


  • International image: Since the IP phone number is stored in the cloud, the location does not matter. That means you can get your number from any other country without being actually present there. For example, if you ate a German company, but you would also like to operate in the UK market, you can get a virtual phone number UK and give an impression for UK as a local company, and other countries will see you as a multinational enterprise.


  • Features:


  • Recorded messages: You could welcome your clients, tell the open hours of the store or company….
  • Call branch: It is the classic “ If you want to speak with the accounting department press 1, if you want to speak with management press 2…”
  • Call recorder: You would be able to record every call you receive or make.
  • Voicemail: If your lines are busy you could set a voicemail so your clients can leave their messages.
  • Many more features: Statistics, blacklists…etc
  • The price: The prices of these type of services, international phone number and IP phone number, are much cheaper than the price of traditional analogue PBX. You will find unlimited incoming and outcoming calls plans so you don’t have surprises at the end of the month.


What are the disadvantages of an IP phone number?


  • Audio quality: If you have a bad internet connection is possible that the audio quality is not great and you may have interruptions in your calls.


  • Investments on devices: The initial investments are usually very high so you will have to get IP devices so you can receive calls. These devices are not usually cheap.


Maybe you are not willing to subscribe for an IP phone number anymore because of these disadvantages but thanks to the great developments mentioned priorly the IP phone systems have been able to solve every problem.


The WebRTC phone system.


The WebRTC is based on a new IP protocol that has been developed by google and other great tech companies. It allows making and receiving calls with the browser so you will not have to make an investment in devices. You may use your ip phone number on your computer, just by plugging a set of headphones and an a microphone. Furthermore you can also use it on your cell phone thanks to an app or use it in any other device that is connected to the internet.

Lastly, the audio quality has been greatly improved in comparison with the old IP lines. This model adjusts the audio depending on the connection you have, avoiding this way interruptions and low audio quality. If you want to know more about the trendy IP phone number, get in contact with Fonvirtual by pressing our click to call button or by sending us an email to

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