The IP systems are a dream for any architect or architecture studio because it is a phone solution that suits perfectly to the way architects perform their activity.

What is the activity that an architecture studio performs?


First, an architect is the person in charge of the design, management and maintenance of different structures and buildings.

Architects and architecture studios are in charge of a great variety of activities related to the construction field, such as getting new clients, hiring construction employees in case it was needed, set up projects and being in charge of the construction materials. Furthermore the architecture studio assists architects with whatever they need, and because of this they are beginning to implement the IP systems in architecture studios.


The IP systems are something architects might need since they need a phone solution that allows them to be available during the work journey at the same time is suitable for the way they do their job.


One particularity of the way architects and architecture studios operate is mobility. Architects spend part of their time in the studio developing projects and creating prototypes and plans, but they also go frequently outside the office.

The reasons why architects go often outside the architecture studio offices are diverse, they can go and meet a prospective client with the purpose of offering a new project or meeting a current client in order to hand in a report about the developments, problems and details of the on-going project. Plus, they can also meet providers of labor or construction materials. Although, architects mainly need mobility in their phone system due to the constant visits to the construction place in order to supervise it, and because of that, the IP system entails a great advantage.


The IP systems offer the mobility architects need for their business since it enables receiving calls made to a landline in any device that is connected to the internet. Devices must be connected to internet since the ip systems work differently than traditional phone systems because it works with WIFI or the cell phone internet data plan instead of with the phone network..


Thanks to the way IP systems work, architects will be able to answer calls on their computers via WIFI when they are at the studio or with the smartphone when they are outside it, thanks to the cell phone internet connection.


Besides the mobility advantage, there are other IP systems advantages such as the preservation of the company’s professional image with the use of a landline phone number hosted in the cloud, instead of using a personal cell phone number. Plus, another advantage are the features that the IP systems admit.


These features will make the call service easier to architects and architecture studios since features like the personalized voice mail or the call recorder can facilitate the customer service.

The advantages of IP systems for this type of company are many and in we offer you all with the best conditions, visit our website and subscribe to our new IP system service: the WebRTC

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