Using IP Telephony to Promote Entrepreneurial Activity

Smith, Emma

Publish: Friday, Feb 15
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Professional telephone services have changed radically over the last ten years. Therefore, it is essential to know all the available options if you want to hire or change the provider of the telephone system that the company currently has. The recent evolution of operator offerings is directly related to the evolution of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. The IP telephony makes it possible to make telephone calls over the Internet, unlike traditional telephone lines.

In this way, any company of any size can opt for the most advanced telephone systems, although this involves a combination of equipment and services. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a method of sending voice communications over the Internet.

VoIP systems can be linked to customer relationship management (CRM) software, thus providing advanced and high quality functionality in the management of telephone calls within a company.

VoIP is, therefore, a logical choice for all companies that want to have a global presence and try to save money on the phone calls they make and receive between different countries.

The VoIP option is a very simple and straightforward program that requires only a device connected to the Internet, be it mobile, Internet or tablet. VoIP is the most rational choice for small businesses that want to have a presence all over the world, saving money on the phone calls they make abroad.


The advantages of IP telephony for companies


The arrival of the Internet in our lives turned the world upside down. Since then, all sectors have had to make changes to adapt to the new network.

One of the biggest changes has been in communication systems. Today, we perceive that communication is based on the Internet. For this reason, it is essential for all companies to have a VoIP PBX.

With traditional telephone systems, companies require special equipment, such as an automatic PBX in each of their centers. These equipments, besides slowing down the communicational activities, require large investments on the part of the company.

However, VoIP, in addition to reducing costs and saving the company a lot, allows you to offer customers a real professional telephony.

Among the advantages of IP telephony, it is also worth highlighting the flexibility and mobility it offers to the company’s agents. As we already know, the company’s activities are not only carried out within the company, but also often it is necessary to move to other places. With this type of posts that can no longer be physically linked to telephone lines, voice over IP telephony allows the employee to keep the number on all trips.

IP telephony shows great flexibility since it runs on different extensions. With it you can work from your computer, mobile phone or tablet, that is, from any device that has an Internet connection. Therefore, business VoIP services covers the needs of communication with innovation and professionalism.




The new IP telephony: the WebRTC


Thanks to WebRTC (the evolution of IP telephony, an open source software developed by Google), you will no longer have problems related to traditional communication channels. Its advantages include lower call costs and reduced communication delays.

This is a unique technology that does not require large investments or very powerful Internet speed, as was the case in traditional IP telephony, which requires high power Internet connection to carry out activities effectively.

Any 4G or Wifi connection will allow the different devices to make use of the new VoIP telephony with HD quality. Reason enough to opt for WebRTC technology.


So what tools does the new IP telephony (WebRTC) need?


For your phone line to work properly, you only need a computer with a browser and, to receive and make calls, you can connect to the platform or use our App on your mobile.

Now you can say goodbye to heavy telephony equipment, because with WebRTC technology you simply need an Internet connection to access and make use of the service. And all you need to answer calls is a headset with a microphone. Therefore, only the Internet and a tool with speakers and microphone (headset, microphone and headset integrated in mobile, etc.) are indispensable to enjoy this service.

These advances in technology such as the IP telephony are an effective bet to increase the profitability of the company. Discover Fonvirtual’s services and all functionalities related to the new VoIP generation. Our agents will help you choose the service that best suits the needs of your business.


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