There are currently many different IP telephony services out on the market. They are responsible for providing the necessary technology to make calls over the internet. This improves the quality of all calls using cutting-edge technology.


IP telephone services


Telephony and telecommunications providers offer a primary telephone service for any type of company. If you want your staff to be able to communicate effectively,  you must choose a telephone service provider. Choose one that is capable of offering you solutions to your problems. One that provides technical support. And, above all, excellent customer service.

The IP telephony services must offer high-quality sound and technical support. How calls are managed can showcase to your customers how the company is managed. If they notice good results, you will see good results in return.


What is IP?


IP stands for “Internet Protocol”. This technology is responsible for establishing communication in most networks. To establish this form of communication, assign a unique IP address to each device that you want to connect to the internet. It should be noted that this address should not be repeated. No devices can connect to the internet without having an IP address first.


IP telephony


IP telephony services allows for companies to communicate and make calls over the internet. It is also known as VoIP telephony. IP telephony services often include IP telephones, IP PBX and an IP Gateway.

It also permits the integration of voice, data and video communications. This technology has been on the market since the late 1990s. However, due to more recent technological advancements, this service has gained traction worldwide. You can now see IP telephony in most companies.

One of the great advantages of IP telephony its simplicity. It allows you to integrate the company into a single telephone system. IP telephony has a centralized management system. Free internal calls, among other interesting features are also included.


IP Telephony Services


What is WebRTC telephony?


WebRTC stands for Web Real Time Communications. It is an open source project that was promoted by W3C. This technology allows audio or video communication through any web browser without the need to install separate applications or software. Some of the services offered by WebRTC telephony is video calling, chat and file delivery.


Advantages of WebRTC telephony


    •  HD Voice. With WebRTC you have high-quality calls. Thus, even with a slow connection, you maintain HD sound quality. It modifies sound according to the signal.
    • It works with any operating system. It doesn’t depend on any separate applications or downloads. All you would need is a web browser to access this service. It adapts to any type of operating system.
    • Flexibility. Whoever you are calling will not need to make any downloads either. Just call their phone number just as you normally would.
    • It adapts to any type of network. All types of business networks can customize their features. You could be located anywhere in the world and still reach your coworkers and clients.
    • Mobile. It can be used by anyone who has a computer or mobile device. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can use your WebRTC IP telephony services.



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