It seems artificial intelligence is going to be a big change in society and  for the world as we conceived it. Therefore there are many who sticks to traditions and personal care between people. The perfect solution for it is the IP virtual PBX.



What is artificial intelligence (AI)?


Artificial intelligence or machine intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by machines. It means it is the reasoning faculty which lifeless factors possess. A lifeless factor is what is known as a Robot.

Nowadays there are many tech companies which are focusing in developing artificial intelligence and its applications within different fields. There are many industries such as financial, health, toys and customer service which have already implemented robots for some tasks. There are many who are unhappy with artificial intelligence’s performance, especially in the customer service field.

Customer service consists on handling calls from actual clients as well as from potential clients, which are looking for information in order to make the decision of becoming a client or not. In this case, Robots perform very effectively these tasks since they have been programmed for that but, generally and especially in some cultures personal care is fundamental between sellers and clients. There are a lot of people who feel mistrustful when they perceived a Robot is handling calls or even feel they are not appreciated for their companies since they associate the fact of their calls being handled by a robot to not being important to the company.

The solution for these disadvantages that robots entails, is not avoiding technology completely but an adjusted to clients’ needs use of it, which is personal care. An IP virtual PBX is the best tool for it.


IP pb not robot

 What is an IP virtual PBX?

An IP virtual PBX offers you a new phone number or porting it,in case you already have it and receiving that number’s calls through ip lines. This allows you to connect anywhere from any device since it only requires internet connection to function. Furthermore it allows adding features to the number such as call recording. recorded messages and call queuing.

With the use of this virtual PBX you get all tech benefits at the same time the personal care is preserved. Furthermore people who call, clients and

people who are interested in the service, would never notice that their calls are being received through internet and handled from a computer, a tablet, or a cell phone.

At the beginning voice calls entailed  few inconveniences such a interruptions or bad quality audio but, with the new IP technology all these inconveniences have been solved. They offer the same quality audio of a regular call and it is not necessary to have a wide band connection to make an ordinary call.

At you can find the IP virtual PBX solution for improving your customer service by using the advantages of technology without risking personal care towards your clients.