Before the rise of Internet telephony, contact centers were usually made up of a room full of telephone lines connected to a physical PBX and agents using a telephone line to make calls.

Having and maintaining the PBX is expensive, so with the advent of modern technology and telephony, a cloud-based Call center improves performance and results.

This system eliminates the need to use physical telephone lines and even the physical presence of agents in the contact center (or what is the same, call center). With the installation of a contact center with Internet telephony, agents can call from anywhere simply by having access to the Internet.

It is also very easy to use and configure, as it is a cloud-based contact center, with the possibility of customizing the screens to adapt to specific needs.

The customer service agents work as representatives of the company abroad, so they are one of the most important reasons to take care of the contact center. It is therefore convenient to make their work easier. The truth is this: you may have the most innovative platform in the world but your quality will not improve if your team does not cooperate.


What is a contact center?


A software for a contact center can supply all the functionalities dedicated to the activities carried out in a Call center, in an environment in which calls do not stop coming and going. In this way, agents are offered the necessary tools to receive and transfer a large volume of calls efficiently, as well as attend to all customers.

The Call Center software not only serves to increase efficiency, but also allows companies to provide a better service and take advantage of all resources at an affordable price.

As mentioned above, contact centers serve to support customers. The agents receive their telephone calls and help them solve their problems, being able to cover 100% of the needs of a company’s customer service. In addition, it allows to manage the calls, as well as to transfer them to the most suitable agents to satisfy the clients according to their needs.

However, Call centers can also make outgoing calls and carry out telephone sales operations. Outbound calls are made from agents to potential customers.

They can also provide customers with additional information about existing products or services, remember about paying bills, and so on. These calls, thanks to well-trained agents, can increase the company’s clientele.




Why install a contact center in your company?


Previously, only large companies had the ability to install and configure their own contact center within the company due to the economic costs involved. But today, the Call center solution is completely affordable for owners of small and medium enterprises that must make and receive a significant volume of calls.

Companies from many different sectors make use of a contact center to provide assistance to users. For all of them, it is important to increase the number of customers, increase their loyalty and increase the growth of their purchases.

Therefore, installing a Call center in the company itself is an effective solution to increase business volume while optimizing resources.

Whether small, medium or large companies, to install a contact center must receive the services of the telecommunications company that are responsible for supplying them. Fonvirtual provides this quality service, with multiple functionalities and the latest technology.

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Let Fonvirtual help you install a quality contact center in your company, with all the functionalities you need, HD voice quality, the new WebRTC technology and our ACD Cloud system. All of them will offer an added value to your company, to the quality of the service you provide to your clients and they will lead you to success!

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