The majority of businesses provide landline phone numbers to their customers as a mean to contact the company. On the other hand, are landline numbers really the best available solution on the telecommunications market?

There are many other ways to offer a high-quality customer service: contact forms, live chats, click to call, mobile numbers, other types of phone numbers etc..
Further in the article we divide the possible customer attention forms into written and call customer support.

Written customer support and service

As mentioned earlier, live chat is a popular option with websites offering services since it is a fast, easy and economical way to get in touch with the customer. Having contact forms on your website is a must, otherwise it is recommendable providing at least an email contact. These options are fundamental for customer service; however, they can only be considered online. Businesses which aren’t online don’t have other option than providing landline phone numbers. Moreover, these solutions are impersonal and it is much more difficult to establish a connection with the client and convince them about buying your product or service.



landline phone


Call customer support and service

Call support and service is an essential part of customer service of any business. However, they often need to decide if they should get a landline or mobile phone number or special numbers…. recommends getting a geographical number. We can provide any other types of numbers but we list our reasons why we believe this is the best solution.

Landline phone numbers are an excellent way to help your company project a professional image. Providing only a mobile phone number might result in projecting the image of a one-person company. Moreover, if you wish to project an image of a national company, you can get a number of the capital city and the second largest city in your country and get a switchboard service. This way you will be able to answer the calls from your mobile phone, in your office or anywhere else. If you want a landline number of any other country, you can get the international phone number to improve the image of your company.

Numbers with special tarification are only advised in cases when they are ordered by the law or if the business wishes to reduce the number of incoming calls. This option is expensive and the customers are more reluctant to call these numbers.

You can also add a click to call option to your landline phone number in case you have web pages – this will definitely increase the number of incoming calls..

As you can see, landline phone numbers are the best solution for any company wishing to provide call customer support – whether it is for selling purposes or after-sales service.
Fonvirtual offers landline numbers or special-rate numbers; however, we recommend getting a landline phone number.


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