Roughly one out of three robberies nationwide include cell phone theft. Unsurprisingly, the thefts are rapidly increasing in urban areas where cell phone density is the highest. The majority of the population owns a last generation smartphone, which in case of theft means a big economic loss. The thieves use different tactics to get hold of cell phones. Even if a big majority of the thefts is caused by carelessness, there are also organized groups which plan their crimes in advance and sometimes can be violent.

The dangers when you lose your cell phone


Smartphones are incredibly useful devices and therefore many of us use them on daily basis. The mobile phone development is rapidly advancing and its main purpose is to improve communication and the life of its users. Until a few years ago, it had been unimaginable that one day a smartphone would allow you to browse the Internet, access your social network accounts, take pictures or that it could be used as GPS.  
The only problem is that we also store important and sensitive information in our smartphones. By loosing it, you are also putting into danger your email, bank account, photos, documents, contact numbers, access to social network accounts etc.
Besides all the information loss, you also have to count with economic expenses which accompany a phone theft. Given the value of today’s cell phones, this could get you into a difficult situation.

Better prevent than cure when you lose your cell phone


IMEI code


It could happen to you too. Anytime. A moment of absent-mindedness and you forget your phone on the seat of the train. It is almost like suffering a robbery without even realizing it. On the other hand, we can take action to prevent these problems.
Even if these recommendations don’t guarantee you anything, they will help you reduce the repercussions of a cell phone loss or robbery.

  • Activate your phone lock: One of the first things that a robber or a thief does is that they switch the phone off to avoid localization. Once they decide to switch it back on, they will need the PIN.
  • Activate your screen lock: Introduce a passcode or your TouchID to complicate the access to your phone.
  • Hide the sensitive information: Try to avoid leaving easy access to apps or documents containing your personal details, access codes, card numbers etc. Change the name of the folder or try covering it up.
  • Keep emergency copies: Make emergency copies of important information and store it in the Cloud so that you don’t lose it once your phone is gone.
  • Track your phone:  Install apps into your cell phone which will track its movement in real time.  
  • Locate your IMEI number: This is a 15 digit number which identifies a cell phone. Thanks to this number, your network provider can block the phone. It is recommendable to find out the number in advance.


What Can I Do When My Phone Gets Stolen?


This is the worst case scenario, which doesn’t really have a solution. Whether your phone gets stolen or you lose your cell phone, it is recommendable to stay calm and follow these steps:
Call your phone. Try calling your phone number. If you lost it, hopefully, the person who finds it will be kind enough to give it back to you. Stay positive, there are still some good people left in this World.
If this plan doesn’t work out, try to localize your smartphone with ‘Find my iPhone’ for iOS or ‘Find my device’ for Android. These apps allow you sending messages, blocking the phone or deleting information.

Other option is getting in touch with your network provider with your IMEI number to block your phone. This will deny Internet and network connection. For this procedure you will need to prove that you are the device owner by providing a document or an invoice with your name on it.
Once you have passed all these procedures, contact a local police station, preferably with your IMEI number in case the phone is found. Moreover, you will have to provide your insurance company with an official police report to obtain economic compensation.

Therefore, make sure to remember that when you lose your cell phone, this means more than just the device itself. Be careful and precautious.

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