The cloud PBX VoIP telephone network facilitates all types of internal and external communication.

Internal communication takes place within the company between employees, while external communication refers to communication with customers, in addition to any other person outside the company. External communication may include telemarketing campaigns of existing products or services to transmit information for the purpose of selling.


External calls are usually made to win customers, promote the company’s brand or gather information about customers to provide a service tailored to their needs. Your external communications can help you maintain a relationship with the community and allow your company to collect information from existing customers. External communications also includes connections with suppliers and other business partners.


Whether it’s internal or external communication, the cloud PBX VoIP is the best solution to facilitate communication.


What is a cloud PBX VoIP?


All companies need to configure the cloud PBX VoIP to handle incoming and outgoing calls.


The word cloud PBX VoIP comes from the English “Private Branch Exchange” and refers to a private PBX that works with WebRTC technology. It is a device that can share several external lines and systematically provide telephone connections between the caller and the person being called. It must perform several essential functions, such as simplifying the flow of communications, assigning a direct line to each extension, and the ability to call from one extension to another.


Previously, PBXs could only operate from a fixed station. Phones could not be reused with a different operator. Companies had to change all their phones if they changed operators.


However, PBXs are now available virtually, hosted in the cloud.


cloud pbx voip


How a virtual telephone network works


The switch belongs to the private organization in which it is installed and managed. It uses computer equipment to manage calls. That is why the system is considered private and automatic, hence the name of private branch change. With this, only one operator is required to provide information and, occasionally, manual connections to callers who are not familiar with the system or organization.


Why do you need to use a cloud PBX VoIP?


For a company that receives a large number of calls, a PBX is an indispensable asset. A PBX also allows you to have more phone extensions without the need to install new IP phones. It also allows free calls between employees, which facilitates internal company communication.


A virtual telephone network contains all the elements that bring an advantage to your company. Its autonomous way of managing internal and external calls turns it into a system that facilitates the work and allows a good management of calls. It also offers additional features such as call transfer, voicemail, call recording and queues.


At Fonvirtual, you will have access to a multitude of options, you can activate all the functions you need by configuring them with your own greeting, interactive voice menus and everything you want to make available to your customers.


Having a high level communication service depends on the installation of a cloud PBX VoIP network. In fact, the role of telephony in the development and performance of a business is very important and plays an indispensable role in the progress of your business.


The cloud PBX VoIP is a promising step with many advantages for your business.

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