A lot of people avoid making international calls. Using apps like Skype are more popular since this option helps in avoiding high international rates when calling family members or friends living abroad.

Any data rates, calls, and messages can be replaced by other types of technology like the one functioning over the Internet (ToIP) and it can also help to save a lot of money.
The European Union has been trying to fight the high international call rates and some steps have been taken to prevent them. The main objective is to reduce the exorbitant tariff prices and create a more competitive market so that the consumers have access to a wider choice of services from different network providers.
Another objective of the EU is to promote and boost the international business since the international telecom prices used to be an obstacle for international market expansion.
The telecom industry and the means of international communication are undergoing big modification thanks to the technology development. One of them is VoIP telephony.
The VoIP telephony enables limitless communication without roaming, which makes it easy to use anywhere in the World. Using ToIP via WiFi on smartphones can help you decrease your roaming costs to the minimum by only paying the price of local calls.

Telephony over the internet enables having more switchboard extensions from any place in the World, anywhere with good Internet connection. You can even have an international phone number from another country without a physical presence there. For example, if you are a Swedish company, you can get a virtual phone number Finland and serve your Finnish customers without leaving Sweden This option could be beneficial for business communication.

Transform your smartphone into an IP Phone and make international calls

international calls


Transforming your smartphone into an IP Phone is a very simple process. It only requires an IP software installation. The software connects with a WiFi access point instead of connecting with a mobile network.
Moreover, it also enables access to other software features like instant messaging, video calling, call recording.

The number of calls made via VoIP system and companies offering these services is increasing despite the fact that the European Union has put an end to the European roaming.

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