Regardless of our business structure and industry, providing the right customer service is critical to enhance consumer experience. One of the great challenges for any business and for the market in general is to establish a close relationship with customers.

There are numerous tools that help us carry out this task. However, the most used is the contact center platform. With it, it is possible to effectively develop a good customer loyalty strategy to reach the established sales objectives, as long as this system is well coordinated. In this post we tell you what are the 4 keys to organize your contact center successfully.

First key: plan your strategy

Before organizing your contact center platform, it is important to define the strategy you are going to follow. Many companies start without prior planning and without studying their potential clients to understand their needs. The management of a call center will probably end in failure if what we do is to carry out actions with no aim, without having a clear vision of the company and, above all, about the mission we want to achieve in the long term.

In the case of customer service, what we want to achieve is consumer satisfaction, which in turn will allow us to create a solid relationship to increase the number of sales of our company. Therefore, every action we take in our calls must be directed towards this purpose, which must be clear and concise.

In addition, it is important that the strategy covers the entire process. By this we mean that we have to be clear about our objective since the first contact with the client to the possible after-sales service.

Second key: know the organization of a contact center

Once your strategy is defined and planned, you must take into account what the structure of your contact center platform will be, since this will provide you with essential information to see what resources you have and how many of them you will need with the new organization. In this case, what we check is what our short-term needs are. We must know, among other things, the number of calls we receive in a day, as well as whether the staff is correctly satisfying and caring about the client’s needs.

Many contact center platforms allow you to access a statistics panel that will give you a lot of information about aspects such as the answered and missed calls, the hours in which the greatest number of them are received, how long the client has been waiting to be attended or how long has the conversation lasted…

In addition, an important need that your contact center platform must satisfy is to provide the customer with a personalized service. For this, there exist call distribution systems. With them, the call is delivered to the person who has the most appropriate profile to attend it, assigning a series of skills or “skillsets” to a specific agent according to their specialization. For example, if we have a specialized agent in the commercial department, we can always make it the first to receive calls in that department. Unless it is not available at that time, in which case it will be delivered to the next agent on the list.

Thus, we can achieve great customer satisfaction with a strategy as simple as “having the right operator at the right time”.

Third key: train your team manage-contact-center-platform

Training your team to handle calls properly is essential. But it is even more important to train them to identify customer needs. When contacting your company, customers expect to speak to someone who cares to understand what is happening to them and is able to offer to find a solution.

The training you give your agents will make a difference in the attention your customers receive. To do this, you must provide them with clear information and show them the objectives that are intended to be achieved with the campaign that is going to be launched.

Another of the fundamental aspects, especially in the moment after the contact with the client, is to know their opinion. For this, it is important to have a tool in your contact center platform that allows you to carry out telephone satisfaction surveys after speaking with the consumer. In this way, you can improve the service and check if there is any failure in the process.

Fourth key: have the best tools

As you may have already seen, a contact center platform is not only composed by the call center software itself, but also requires other complementary tools. Among others, the most important we could say is CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This system can help you manage both communication with the client and internal communication in the company. With it you get numerous advantages:

  • You can identify your calls: by integrating the contact center with the CRM, it will be possible to know at all times where the calls are coming from. In this way, agents will know who they are talking to at all times, thus offering fast, efficient and personalized attention.
  • Information storage: you will always have the consumer’s information in the same place, allowing you to check different aspects such as whether or not you are a customer of the company, if you have previously spoken with another agent…
  • Collaboration between departments: as the information is hosted on the same platform, all departments and agents will be able to access the same information, which makes coordination not a pending task in the company and will greatly speed up the process.

The most important thing, regardless of the tool you use is that the client can communicate with you at any time and from anywhere, receiving personalized and effective attention. Together with the keys that we have provided, at Fonvirtual we offer you the best call center technology so that you can organize your platform in the best possible way, from any device and anywhere thanks to its operation through WebRTC. Our agents will help you find the solution that best suits your company and your needs.

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