It is the second most developed economy in Latin America behind Brazil; Mexico has more than 110 millions of citizens. Mexicans are very interested in foreign products, and this is the reason why it represents an incredible opportunity for companies in international trading. An IP phone system can always help.


On the contrary of the U.S, Mexico has no protectionist laws, it is a very open country which has qualified labor sources and at a lower price than in Europe. The main reasons why cars factories are opening in Mexico are very smart engineers and available labor source.


Mexicans are fans of Europe; its gastronomy, primary goods, culture… Mexico is keen to pay a very high price for europeans goods. For those companies who are seeking internalization, Mexico is a good option for companies whose investments fastly become profitable.


One of the most important things to do before moving to Mexico is meeting in person with potential business partners. In the mexican culture personal care has a great importance.


The tricky question is, How can I keep in contact with my business partners both in Mexico and in my home country? Indeed, it can be difficult to manage for some companies.

IP phone system

Fonvirtual gives you the phone solution for entrepreneurs who often travel. Those who always have the need of being reachable at their landline phone number. This solution is the IP phone system.


The WebRTC tech is an open code development from Google. You will only need to log in our platform and you could make and receive calls in your computer and… in your cell phone! Get connected to the internet, to the WIFI or 4G of your cell phone and you could use your phone line wherever you wish.


We will provide an username and a password to access to our platform from a browser or from our app. Once you are logged in, you will receive every call in your computer or in your cell phone completely free.


What do I need for my IP phone system in order to make it work?

  • A computer or smartphone
  • An internet connection
  • Headphones with microphone


What does my webRTC line includes?


1.A geographical phone number

We can transfer your current phone number or provide another landline phone number with your region’s area code.


  1. A WebRTC line

An ubicuos phone line, accessible through data to a maximum of 3 different devices, with an only communication channel.



Our WebRTC lines also have a serie of features included that will make you enjoy the service in the most complete possible way.


Included features:

  • Call ID
  • Call recorder and call certification.
  • Personalized voicemail
  • Call history synchronization
  • Speech to text voice transcription and recognition.
  • Sending SMS

Ask for a budget of the IP phone system and subscribe in Fonvirtual.


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