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Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Dec 28
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If in your business you have to manage appointments or reservations, you will already know that it is a task that usually consumes a lot of resources, on the one hand because of the time spent on the task itself and on the other hand because of the cost in decreased productivity represented by the continuous interruptions.

Similarly, if we do not dedicate sufficient resources to this task and we are not available at the moment when a user wants to make a reservation or request an appointment, we may lose the sale because the user looks for someone to offer him the possibility of making the booking on the spot.  

Another difficulty associated with the management of reservations or appointments is that the user wants to be able to do it through different communication channels such as telephone, WhatsApp or Webchat so the correct management in all of them becomes more complicated.

This means that sometimes, due to technical limitations such as the lack of essential elements such as the possibility of charging for the service over the phone, a user is sent from one channel to another, which can also generate a possible loss of customers.

This is why automating the appointment or booking process can generate significant savings and also increase the number of closed appointments or bookings because we will always have resources to manage them completely through any channel.


Tools to manage appointments

In Fonvirtual we offer you all the necessary tools to manage reservations and appointments of your business in an agile and efficient way. Thanks to the use of our conversational AI solution, you can design a bot and connect it with your appointment and reservation management tool, to manage reservations both by whatsapp and chat and implement a voicebot to automatically manage the appointment and reservations through calls.

If for any reason, the appointment cannot be completed with the bot or virtual agent, a human agent can take over to finish managing it and will do so through the same interface from which manages the internal and external communication of your company either through instant messaging or through voice.

Fonvirtual’s online booking and appointment management system can also be integrated with your company’s other communication systems and with your bank’s payment gateway, minimizing the loss of customers in the booking process.

Far beyond an online booking form

Imagine a call managed by a voicebot where our system recognizes whether it is already a customer or a new customer, in case it is a new customer, collects all its data, consults with the customer’s preferences and, after reviewing the availability in the company’s systems, offers the available times to the customer who, after choosing, can make the payment in a completely secure way thanks to systems based on artificial intelligence.  

All this is enhanced with an AI layer that manages to maintain at all times the “engagement” during the booking process, so that the customer does not get frustrated and with the possibility of human intervention in the process. 

Imagine the power of an AI that automates all the processes, that feeds from your information systems, that can attend by video, voice and chat and even perform actions such as charging for the service and above all what other tasks you can automate.

Contact Fonvirtual and ask for a demo of our AI-powered appointment booking tool that combines chat, WhatsApp and voice, integrates with your information system, with your payment gateway and automatically processes reservations in real time, 24 hours a day and in any language.

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