Multi-channel: Different communication channels for better user experience

Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Jun 14
Category: Channels

Offering multi-channel contact has become a key element in providing an optimal user experience. Customers expect to be able to communicate with businesses quickly and easily, using the channels that work best for them. Multichannel means offering a variety of communication options, from phone calls and emails to web buttons and instant messaging. In this article we will see how to improve the user experience and strengthen commercial communication by offering different contact channels to customers.

What is multichannel?

Multichannel is the strategic approach that allows companies to interact with their customers through different communication channels. The key is to deliver a consistent and seamless experience across all touchpoints, regardless of channel. By embracing multi-channel, businesses can cater to each customer’s individual preferences and needs, delivering a personalized and relevant experience. One of the exceptional tools that allows to effectively implement multi-channel is the solution of multi-channel unified communications de Fonvirtual.

Multi-channel technology and webRTC

WebRTC (Web-based Real-Time Communications) technology is a basic component in the multi-channel implementation. This technology enables real-time voice, video and messaging communication through a web browser, without the need to download any additional apps or plug-ins.

By taking advantage of the webRTC technology, businesses can provide a seamless and flexible communication experience through their multitude of channels. With webRTC UX Buttons, customers can make web calls, video conferences or chat in real time, all from their browser and absolutely free. This accessibility and ease of use contribute to a positive and rewarding user experience.


API you channel WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become a popular and widely used messaging platform around the world. By integrating WhatsApp into the multi-channel business communication strategy, companies can harness the potential of this application to interact with customers quickly and efficiently. Customers can send inquiries, place orders, or troubleshoot issues via WhatsApp, without needing to make a phone call or send an email. This comfort and agility contribute to a more satisfying user experience.

With a tool like WhatsApp APIs, all agents in the company can answer customer conversations at their extension and from the same network head-end number. With the integration of Fonvirtual’s WhatsApp API, it will be possible to transfer conversations, have a complete report of all interactions and create an automatic bot that filters and solves certain problems.

Unified and complete information thanks to AI

In order to be able to take control, be more effective in managing customer interactions and be able to make improvement decisions, it is particularly important to have a good record of what has happened. The integration of the multichannel platform with the CRM plays an essential role in this concept, since it makes it possible to unify all the information of the interactions maintained with each customer in their file.

The Fonvirtual solution also includes features for artificial intelligence associated with calls that allow you to get the most out of the interaction with your customers. With features like Sentiment Analysis, Smart Delivery, NLP, Simultaneous Transcription, Speech Recognition, and Machine Learning, our platform ensures enhanced customer experience and effective communication.

Multi-channeling offers companies the opportunity to interact more closely and directly with their target audience. Using unified communications technologies, such as those provided by Fonvirtuel, companies can integrate all their communication channels on a single platform. This allows for effective interaction management, good conversation tracking, and the ability to deliver quick and consistent responses on time.all channels. By unifying communications, businesses can build a professional image, enhance their reputation, and build trust among customers.


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