Music on hold on the PBX so your customers don’t leave

Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Jan 13

When it comes to receiving calls at our PBX, we need to ensure that customers are attended as soon as possible. However, we often find that, for some reason (such as that all our agents are busy) we cannot answer it immediately, so the consumer has to keep waiting. It is therefore important to set up a call queuing (as we will tell you, if possible with music on hold), since we can gain a few seconds of advantage so that the agents can be free to answer the call.

But what is the right thing to do? To keep the client quiet during that time? Well, if what we want is him to hang up, yes, this would be the most appropriate. The other option is to include background music and at least the person on the other end of the phone has a nice waiting and that the time is shorter and even more pleasant.

Reading this, you have probably noticed that it is important to have a musical theme in your PBX, but it is also essential to know what kind of music on hold to implement and how to do it. We will tell you everything in this post.

How to choose the right music on hold?

When we listen to songs at home we know which one we want at that specific moment and which one we like or not. If we are under stress, we may choose a ballad or something classic, but it is highly unlikely that what we end up doing is listening to Nirvana.

With waiting tones, unfortunately, the same is not the case, and it is not so easy to determine which one is the most suitable for each client. It is important to know that what you like or think is appropriate, for others it is not, and although it is difficult to always get it right, we can follow certain guidelines and tips to ensure that the user does not get frustrated or regrets calling you.



Always think about what you would like to hear while they serve you

Music has very powerful effects on the body. Numerous scientific articles have shown over time that what we hear affects the chemistry of the brain and our emotions, if we consider that it “holds the key” to the chemicals in our body. For example, if we listen to a happy melody, it is very likely that our mood will change, and that although the day does not improve much, we will feel a little better.

The music on the phone that you choose for your PBX will not only improve the customer’s experience with your service, but also it will avoid exhausting their patience and that they may have when they are served changes. If you think from the user’s point of view what they would listen to at that moment, it is likely that you will find a clue about which song to choose to configure your call queuing.

The intention with which the call is made is important

When a customer calls customer service, the least they are interested in hearing is a romantic melody or any other that tells them about helping others when they have not received it for a while. Therefore, it is important that the chosen musical genre is consistent with the possible reason for contacting your company.

Jazz is often recommended, as it is said to relax listeners, as well as instrumental songs (partly because of the quality of the telephone sound), or one with neutral lyrics.

Although it is not so important and the user will probably not perceive it, it is possible to configure background music in the calls waiting for each of the extensions of your PBX.

Insert voice messages with music

The waiting time should be aimed at zero, but it is true that sometimes it is very difficult to fulfill this purpose, so that period is enlarged. Normally, it should not last more than five or ten minutes, as it is the maximum time that a person waits before hanging up, but it is possible that this period will be exceeded, so having a four-minute song in loop, maybe not be a good choice.

A good solution could be including voice messages from time to time, so that whoever is on the other end of the line may feel that they have not forgotten him and that he will be answered shortly.

Another option would be that if after a more than reasonable waiting time the client has not been answered, the call is sent to a voice mailbox, which can improve the quality of your call, since in this way, the person will feel that the call was not in vain and that he will receive a response later.

How to set up the music on hold on our PBX?

You already have your telephone PBX and you have also chosen the waiting tone that the customer will hear when they call you. But what is the next step? If you haven’t already guessed, we will tell you: set up your call queuing.

The first thing you have to think about is what type of PBX you are working with. You probably already know that there are different types of PBXs, in addition to the advantages offered by the virtual PBX, but if you don’t remember, we  tell you about it here. The next thing is to choose the melody you wish and to send us an email asking us to set it up.

At Fonvirtual we want to offer you flexibility and efficiency in your communications. For this reason, the virtual PBX offers a varied way of configuration. By working with WebRTC technology that is found in the cloud, you can access from anywhere in the world and make the changes yourself, without having to contact an intermediary to do it every time. Of course, if you wish, we will always be at your disposal to make all the necessary changes you need.

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