When the IP telephony solution was invented, there was no doubt that it was going to be a great success and to disrupt the traditional way of communication. The companies that has already tried it, can assure that is a more efficient and cheaper way of making and receiving phone calls. However, there are still a lot of people who have prejudice about that topic and decline using the IP telephony solution. Today we are going to debunk some of the myths about IP telephony.


Myth #1 IP telephony solution: I need Internet connection to use it

It is a common misunderstanding. Yes, the IP telephony solution use the Internet to provide the communication services, however you do not have to be worry when you lose the Internet connection, your clients will still be able to contact you. A lot of IP telephony providers offers a call forwarding to your local phone numbers or your mobile. At Fonvirtual we offer you an unlimited service of call forwarding and without any additional charges.


Myth #2 IP telephony solution: I will need to invest in special equipment

That myth has its origin in companies that are trying to sell their IP phone, when it’s completely unnecessary. You can use the IP telephony solution on any device you already own, as your personal mobile phone, so you do not even have to buy a corporate mobiles. However, if you want to have your hands free while you are talking on the phone, we recommend you to buy a headset, so you can easily use your computer or do any other thing meanwhile. It is not have to be an expensive one, you can use any with a mic incorporated. And also, you will not need neither any specific hardware nor software. You can simply access to our control panel from your web browser or download our app.


Myth #3 IP telephony solution: I can only use it at the office

While using traditional telephony, people get used to the idea of making and receiving phone calls only at the office. But, it has changed. As we have already mentioned earlier, you can use the IP telephony solution from any device, because is the perfect business VoIP service: PC, mobile or tablet. So you do not have to be physical present at the office, since you can easily use your personal computer at your home, or your mobile, even if your company use a fix number.


IP telephony solutions

Myth #4 IP telephony solution: It’s only for big enterprises

If you think so, you cannot be more wrong. Actually, small and medium enterprises find it more useful than the big ones. The communication is key of every business success and IP telephony solution gives you the best features to be in contact with your clients and the prices are much smaller than in traditional telephony. In addition, it provides a lot of features that can help your company grow, like call recordings or statistics.


Myth #5 IP telephony solution: I will lose my phone number

Of course you will not! We will convert your old fix number, no matter what operator you have, in a virtual one. We will carry it from your operator to us and you will not have to be worry about anything. We will take care of every detail of the process without any cost. As soon as we do it, your operator will unsubscribe you, so you will not have to pay them anymore.


Myth #6 IP telephony solution: It produces a low quality

People used to associate the phone calls via Internet with echos, interruptions, robotic voices etc. But it is in the past. Nowadays, thanks to WebRTC, an open source software developed by Google, the IP telephony solution was taken to another level. It will work as well as traditional telephony, or even better. With its HD quality, there will be no more problems with your calls.


As you can see, you should not believe everything you hear, and it is a perfect time to leave your traditional telephony and go for the IP telephony solution. Visit our website to discover more advantages that it offers and if you still have any doubts do not hesitate to contact us.