The already known Click to Speak is a button that is inserted in the corporative web to facilitate the contact between the user and the company. It is one of the most interesting tools when it comes to attracting clients, as it provides the user with the great facility of contacting the company. 

The new click to call is the Click to Speak button


Why are we no longer talking about click to call, but Click to Speak button? Because contact methods have changed.


Traditionally, the click to call function consisted of the user entering his phone number and pressing the button. Immediately, the company received a notice with the phone number and called to it. These calls were made through SIP or VoIP protocols.


However, Fonvirtual has launched a new click to call service based on WebRTC. In other words, web users who want to get in touch with you will call you totally free over the Internet. Simply by pressing the Click to Speak button.


The user will no longer have to insert his phone number but will make the call via WebRTC, whenever he wants and without any cost.


With this new Fonvirtual service you will facilitate communication with your clients. You will be able to receive calls in an unlimited way and totally free.


Click to Speak


How does Click to Speak button via WebRTC work?


It’s as simple as copying and pasting a code into your web page so that the Click to Speak button via WebRTC button appears. It is also compatible with WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento or Drupal, among others.


Fonvirtual’s Click to Speak button is customizable, so it will maintain the aesthetics of your website. It can also be inserted in each of the service pages. In this way, you will know from which service you are called in order to be able to provide totally personalized advice.


Calls will arrive through your company’s call center software or virtual PBX and your agents will be able to attend users immediately, through WebRTC and with HD quality, no matter where they call you.


Why choose Fonvirtual Click to Speak button?


There are many reasons to bet on this communication service from the website:


  • Calls are FREE. There will be no call cost, as they are made over the Internet.
  • Via WebRTC. Calls will be made through the network. So you can make and receive calls from any device connected to the Internet (computer, mobile or tablet) and from anywhere.
  • Communication with your customers is much easier. Your customers will be able to contact you only through a click and immediately, whenever they want. This will reduce the web abandonment rate.
  • Without giving personal data. Your customers will no longer have to insert their phone number to be contacted. They will call you themselves, whenever they want, and without giving any personal data.
  • Improve the image of your company. This service will give a renewed and updated image to the users who visit your website. In addition, it will influence the increase in sales.


Enjoy Fonvirtual’s Click to Speak button service. For a single fixed rate, you can receive unlimited free calls for you and your customers. This tool is the right one so that you don’t miss any potential customers when they visit your website.


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